Anti-Gun Is Code For Anti-White

12/19/15, by Clement Pulaski


Salon recently published an anti-gun article called White guys are killings us: Toxic, cowardly masculinity, our unhealable national illness. The article argues that the traditional American concept of white male supremacy is the root cause of our unique gun culture and our strong resistance against any efforts to limit our Second Amendment rights. Cuckservatives responded to the article by pointing and sputtering at the hyperbolic headline, but as is often the case when discussing the origins of American society, it is the Left that more honestly highlights the racialist dimension.

If you can filter out the anti-white editorializing, the Salon article quite accurately describes early America as being a society founded by and for whites, particularly in recognizing the connection between white solidarity and democratic government:

The gun is central to the founding of an American society where hierarchies of race and gender were central to the country’s Herrenvolk white racial settler democratic project. America was born as, and remains, a culture and society dedicated to maintaining the dominance, privilege, and power of white men over people of color and women. This was not an accident, bug, or a glitch. It was a feature. Guns helped White America to commit genocide against First Nations peoples and to steal land under the doctrine of Manifest Destiny. The gun maintained Southern society as a white over black racial military dictatorship.

In other words, gun ownership was central to white America's struggle against surrounding savagery. Without personal ownership of firearms, fewer settlers would have struck out into a wilderness populated by primitive natives, and southerners would have faced the constant danger of a slave revolt. So far the article is spot on, and it gets even more interesting:

The color line dominates America’s past and present. The United States’ racial order, those seemingly arbitrary, yet so very powerful and life altering demarcations of who is “white” and “non-white” in the United States, was born in 1675 during Bacon’s Rebellion. In that moment, white indentured servants and black “laborers” struggled together against the planter class in Virginia. The planter class found a solution, one that still dominates how Whiteness pays a psychological and material wage to white people in the United States. White elites decided to give white indentured men guns and land when their period of service was complete. In contrast, black people would be slaves, people without rights in that society, and whose period of “service” was permanent: the black body became human property and a vessel for White America’s wealth.

The only major flaw in the preceding paragraph is the assumption that racial distinctions are "arbitrary" (white planters recognized the very real racial similarities between white laborers and themselves, they did not just make them up), otherwise the analysis is essentially correct. Unlike the rulers of the more aristocratic colonies of Latin America, white planters in the northern British colonies wisely chose racial solidarity with poor whites rather than class prejudice against them. As I have explained elsewhere, white racialism arose together with the democratic view that all white men are entitled to the same basic rights and opportunities. The old world belief in an absolute distinction between white nobles and white peasants runs counter to white racial consciousness and solidarity, a fact that was very clearly grasped by the German regime of the 1930s.

In early America, firearm ownership was a mark of citizenship. After the Civil War there was an effort by the radical egalitarians and abolitionists to guarantee full equal rights to the former slave population. While this equality was written into the post-Civil War amendments to the Constitution, it was never fully accepted or acknowledged by the vast majority of white Americans. Both de facto and de jure prohibitions on race mixing and full enfranchisement persisted for decades in the North and the South. The reason for this is the obvious inequality between whites and blacks that nearly all white people are naturally aware of. The Salon article continues:

White elites understood the practical and symbolic power of the gun. As such, they passed laws that made it illegal for black Americans to own firearms. African-American Civil War veterans, a group that had earned their full citizenship as men via martial prowess, would be made the focus of special violence by white Southerners. The infamous Black Codes and Jim and Jane Crow denied guns to black people on practical grounds—black people with guns would be able to actively resist white supremacist violence and political disenfranchisement. These laws had symbolic power as well. Because gun ownership was reserved for white people, it was deeply integral to notions of white masculinity and white male power. The gun was a tool for white men to protect “the white family” against non-whites.

Today the gun is still an effective and necessary tool for defending the white family from non-white violence. The wisdom of these previous generations of white Americans is manifest whenever one considers the shocking murder rates in majority black cities. In the hands of whites, guns contribute to an orderly free society. In the hands of blacks, guns contribute to anarchy and destruction. The problem with gun violence in the United States has nothing to do with concepts of white masculinity; rather, it has to do with the gravely mistaken notion that the concept of white masculinity can be transfered to black men. When given voting rights, blacks set up parasitic welfare states that inevitably self-destruct. When given gun rights, blacks kill each other in mass numbers. The attempt to grant white freedoms to blacks not only leads to violence and chaos, but it ultimately degrades and limits the freedom once enjoyed by the white population. Again from Salon:

In an iconic visual, members of The Black Panther Party, in compliance with state law, marched on the California state capital while brandishing their guns. The notion that gun ownership should be exclusive to white people would be asserted once more. Ronald Reagan, then governor of California, worked to pass stricter gun laws because of the Black Panthers using open carry laws.

This is the tragedy of trying to integrate blacks into white society: freedoms that could be exercised responsibly by whites are taken away from everyone. Jews and leftists pretend that it is the the non-whites who are the victims when the state passes restrictive laws specifically aimed at solving problems caused by non-whites, but this is incorrect. It is the white population that suffers during every misguided effort to integrate racial groups that are incompatible with our civilization.

Salon accurately states what is at stake in the gun control debate: the constitutional right to gun ownership is a white thing, and undermining this right undermines white culture. White Americans currently have only a subconscious awareness of this. Unless they come to a conscious understanding of this issue, their gun rights will eventually disappear.

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