Eulogizing An Enemy?

1/17/16, by Clement Pulaski

                  David Bowie (left), enemy of decency.

The “Alternative Right” never ceases to amaze (and disappoint) me. This month we saw the passing of David Bowie, one of the foremost propagators of degenerate art and immorality in the 20th century. Appallingly, many on the alt-right are mourning his death and suggesting that the filth that this man produced somehow has value or relevance for radical traditionalists and nationalists, imagining that his work has some sort of Nietzschean or occult significance.

I say that this is appalling because Bowie seems to have checked every box on the enemies list. Race-mixer, check. Transvestite, check. Drug user, check. Homosexual (or at least bi-sexual), check. Ahead of his time SJW, check.

                  David Bowie and family.

As for the respect for Bowie coming from many on the alt-right, perhaps they were just a bit too impressed by Bowie's drug-fueled trolling during a couple of interviews in the 1970s when he expressed support for fascism. But these few comments (which Bowie soon retracted) are meaningless when weighed against the sum of what he achieved during his career. Bowie was one of the most consistently degenerate forces in popular culture. He did much to normalize homosexuality and cross-dressing, even if he embellished the degree to which he was actually involved with those subcultures. It is also possible that many on the alt-right are so intoxicated by Bowie's musical abilities, that they fail to see that he is just as much an enemy of traditionalism and racial integrity as Howard Stern or the Kardashians, and that his work is just as uninteresting and insignificant. The only other hypothesis I can think of is that Bowie's promotion of fantasy and unreality somehow speaks to the psyche of the alt-right, which for all its complaints about postmodernism is still just one offshoot of it.

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