Can The Jews Pull Off Civic Nationalism?

1/4/17, by Clement Pulaski

2016 is already being remembered as the year when nationalism stormed onto the political stage. The triumph of Trump, Brexit and the near victory of Norbert Hofer in Austria are part of a wave of nationalist sentiment sweeping the white world. But so far this wave has been entirely kosher and has been largely welcomed by traditional conservatives, including a significant number of Jews. This is because these movements have remained within the bounds of civic nationalism and have not crossed over into the territory of explicit racialism.

While civic nationalism (i.e., nationalism based on shared cultural and governmental institutions) is vastly superior to the virulently anti-white globalist ideology that has come to dominate polite society, it is still highly susceptible to Jewish control. Jews can easily support American civic nationalism while insisting on racial nationalism for the Israeli state. Many Jews who enthusiastically supported Trump are doing just this.

Over the last few years the Jews have gotten a bit careless with their extreme anti-white policies. The actions taken by Obama, Merkel and other puppets of the Jews brought thousands of angry whites to Trump rallies and Pegida marches. These whites angrily demanded that certain types of invaders be removed or prevented from entering their countries. Without some sort of kosher outlet for this white rage, there is a persistent danger of racialist movements gaining traction. In response to this grassroots rage a number of Jews are positioning themselves as leaders of civic nationalism.

That is not to say that the Trump or Brexit phenomena are elaborate hoaxes perpetrated by the Jews, nor that the Jews have a firm control over what the white masses might do next. Civic nationalism is dangerous for the Jews because once the logic of nationalism is allowed some room to breathe it inevitably leads to racialism. But the ultimate goal of the Jews (the destruction of the white race) is so audacious that they might be forced into some sort of compromise in the short term. It is important to look at some of the main Jewish actors promoting civic nationalism and what the main characteristics of this ideology are.

The Jewish talk radio host Michael Savage has been promoting a basically Trumpian ideology for a couple of decades. His motto has been "borders, language, culture". This perfectly expresses civic nationalism. By leaving out "ethnicity" from the list of what makes a nation, civic nationalism leaves an open door for non-white immigration and "assimilation" (i.e., race-mixing). Naturally a Jew could be a citizen of the racially pluralist United States and of racially restrictive Israel at the same time. It is also significant that Savage spends very little time talking about traditional morality and has referred to himself as a "sexual libertarian".

Milo Yiannopoulos, a sodomite Jew and avid Trump supporter, perfectly demonstrates the attitude towards social issues that will be found in Jewish civic nationalism. Milo has taken purportedly "right-wing" attitudes towards Muslims, but this has meant criticizing Muslims for being opposed to sodomy. After the Orlando gay bar attack Milo protested radical Islam by publicly making out with Gavin McInnes. The new civic nationalism takes a hard line against Islam by opposing sodomy, traditional gender roles, and the idea that religious convictions should shape public policy. As has been pointed out by others, this civic nationalist attack on Islam shows an equal hostility towards traditional Christianity.

Closer to Trump himself we have Jared Kushner, his Jewish son-in-law, and Stephen Miller, his chief speech writer and a top advisor. Miller previously worked for Senator Jeff Sessions and has described the Trump movement as "nation-state populism". While Miller and his associates pretend that civic nationalism is some sort of new revolutionary movement, it is in fact quite tame and will guarantee white genocide just as surely as Merkel's invasion policy, only at a slower rate. As we assimilate the non-whites who are here legally we will further the process of mongrelization that will inevitably bring about the death of our civilization.

While the vast majority of Jews in the United States were strongly opposed to Trump, there were still a significant number of Jews who did pick the winner in last year's presidential election, and if we look at Israel, the number of Jews with a favorable view of Trump goes up significantly. In recent days the public spat between the Obama administration and the Zionist state has led Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make favorable comments about the incoming president. Many Israeli Jews are clearly lining up behind Trump and the Republican party and portraying the Democrats as anti-Israel.

We can therefore see the main characteristics of kosher civic nationalism taking shape: degenerate sexuality, Zionism and philosemitism, encouragement of miscegenation, and Jews in positions of influence.

As I previously mentioned, I am not suggesting that the Trump phenomenon is a sham or a conspiracy. Most Jews still prefer the non-stop immigrant invasion to Trump's brand of civic nationalism; but unless Jews are explicitly excluded from a movement they will control both sides of the debate. The Jews who support Trump are betting that they will be able to harness the rage of the white masses without allowing that rage to be directed against themselves. Let us pray that they are wrong.

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