The Jews Defeated Us Before WWII

11/2/13, by Clement Pulaski

The Jewish subversion of Western civilization was most visible in the cultural revolutions of the 1960s, but the process was already well under way in the 1930s. From the very inception of the motion picture industry in the early 1900s, Jews have dominated the medium, and early on they used this dominance to promote immorality. The following clip from the 1933 film Flying Down to Rio (produced by RKO Pictures, a movie studio founded by Jew David Sarnoff) is a shocking example of this. The clip featues the song Music Makes Me, with lyrics written by Jew Gus Kahn and Edward Eliscu (I have been unable to verify Eliscu's ethnic background, but given that he was born in New York, was involved in the entertainment industry, and his name appears to be of Eastern European origin, it is quite likely that he was a Jew). Kahn is perhaps best known for his sexually suggestive hit Makin' Whoopee which was first popularized by Jewish entertainer Eddie Cantor. In this performance of the song Music Makes Me, we see Ginger Rogers, a beautiful Aryan woman, singing the Jew's twisted words and gyrating to Negro jazz music while dressed in a revealing outfit.

Our contemporary culture mocks the notion that jazz or rock music is inherently sexual or causes people to act in an unchaste manner, but in this song there is a celebration of modern music's power to do just that. Rogers gleefully sings that "music makes me do the things I never should do", and that "my self control was something to brag about, now it's a gag about town". While Rogers never says exactly what "the things I never should do" are, when singing this line she runs her hands over her swaying hips, and also mentions that "the things I do are never forgiven", showing that her transgressions are certainly sexual. Here we see the Jewish vice-peddlers celebrating the destructiveness of their degenerate art, using the beauty of the Aryan woman to draw more and more victims into their prison of immorality. People today often think of entertainment from the 1930s as being quaint or innocent, but this song is every bit as corrossive to moral standards as the vilest examples of Negro hip-hop. (To any nationalists who do think of the above video as quaint and innocent, I hope that you are able to realize that you have yet to completely purge your soul of Jewish poison).

America in the 1930s was not the only nation suffering under a degenerate entertainment industry controlled by Jews. In fact, we see a very similar situation in Weimar era Germany (warning: this link contains some nude images). The two nations differed greatly, however, when we look at how they tried to deal with this Jewish filth. Christians in the United States instituted the Motion Picture Production Code which regulated what type of material was acceptable onscreen. The code had some success, but it ultimately failed because it merely attempted to control the Jews who ran Hollywood rather than removing them from the industry altogether. The Jews were allowed to maintain their dominance in Hollywood, and consistently found ways to violate the spirit of the production code and continued to produce films that undermined American morality and controlled public opinion. Germany, on the other hand, decided to completely remove Jews from the entertainment industry, and was thereby able to promote public virtue and regain her destiny. When World War II broke out in Europe, it was inevitable that American opinion on the conflict would be governed by those who controlled the media, and rather than joining with Hitler in a crusade to destroy Jewish Marxism once and for all, we were driven into a war to make Europe safe for Stalin's Soviet Empire. Our fate was sealed when white Christians let down their guard and allowed the Jews to gain control of the news and entertainment industries. Only by dealing with the root of the problem as Hitler did can we have any success in winning back our civilization.

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