Deicide: The Crime at the Heart of Judaism

3/26/14, by Clement Pulaski

Over the last two thousand years, the Jews have often been accused of being the killers of Christ, of being guilty of the crime of deicide. We at the Daily Stormer also frequently refer to the Jews as Christ-killers. This charge is not made idly, nor do we mean it to be a crude insult. The murder of our Lord is the foundational act of the Jewish race/religion, and grasping the significance of this crime is key to understanding the Jewish role in the world today.

In the most obvious and literal sense, the Jews are said to be the killers of Christ because they were the ones who, according to the Gospels, cried out for our Lord to be crucified (Luke 23:21). Without touching upon the controversy of the genetic makeup of contemporary Jewry, it is undeniable that the Jews of today are the spiritual descendants of the Pharisees. The Jews themselves admit that their Rabbinic religion comes from the wicked Pharisees and they refuse to turn away from the lies of the Talmud, which are the written codification of the Pharisaic doctrines.

In Matthew 23, Jesus tells the Pharisees that they are guilty of the righteous blood spilled generations ago, for they are of the same black heart and evil mind as those who personally committed those acts. And just as Christ condemned his contemporaries for past crimes, so we Christians must condemn the Jews for spilling the most precious and innocent blood of our Lord.

But although Satan and his special people, the Jews, crucified Christ, their efforts were in vain. For in His suffering and humiliation, Jesus obtained victory over death and sin. As Saint Paul wrote, ”O death, where is they sting? O grave, where is they victory?” (1 Corinthians 15:55). Our adversary’s greatest crime was also their greatest defeat. Just as Satan’s rebellion made him an outcast from Heaven, so the crime of the Jews left them outcasts from all decent races of men.

For several centuries the Jews were kept at a distance, but tragically due to the societal and technological upheavals of the past few centuries, the Jews have managed to gain supreme control over the nations that were once known as Christendom. And this leads us to the deeper meaning of the Jews as Christ-killers; for as soon as they gained control of our media and academic institutions, the Jews set about trying to kill Christ over again. Of course they did not attempt to violate the actual body of our Lord, but they attempted to kill Christ in us.

Christians are those who have received baptism, those who have put on Christ and allowed faith in Him to be the foundation of our new life. When the Jews use their influence to promote materialism, gluttony, sexual perversion and countless other sins, they urge our folk to abandon the work that Christ has done in them. Christ is the rock of virtues by whose strength we endure the temptations of the world; the Jews desire us to be without moral stability. Christ is the wisdom of discernment by which we can choose what is good and holy; the Jews wish for us to be blind, foolish cattle enslaved to lust. Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life; the Jews plot to keep us lost, blind, and spiritually dead. The Jews called for the brutal execution of Jesus and ever since, they have sought to suppress and pervert his saving Gospel. They desire a world where faith in Christ is unknown, a world where their crime has been completed.

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