My Departure from the Daily Stormer

6/21/14, by Clement Pulaski

Andrew Anglin's Daily Stormer (DS) went online nearly a year ago. I was one of the original writers for the site.

However, as of now I am no longer affiliated with DS. This split was caused by theological differences, a brief explanation of which is in order. I hate to contribute to the never ending "movement drama", but in this case, a website that I helped to sustain was being used to spread lies about the Gospel. Since I will not have the opportunity to address these lies on DS, I feel obligated to address them here. The DS is not a reliable outlet for the promotion of Biblical Christianity, something which I should have realized long ago. I especially ask pardon from those Christian readers who have contacted me privately and expressed their disappointment with my affiliation with DS. You were right and I was wrong.

In April of this year, Anglin and fellow contributor Sven Longshanks began doing DS radio shows. Sven is a follower of the Christian Identity (CI) heresy.

For those unfamiliar with CI, the doctrine can be summarized as follows.

According to CI, Eve fornicated with the serpent, and Cain was conceived by this union (this detail is obviously not found in the Bible). Cain is therefore literally part serpent, and has satanic DNA. Adam and Eve were white, and all non-white people are actually animals (the "beasts of the field" of Genesis 2:19). The ancient Israelites were white "adamic" people, and Europeans are descended from Israel's lost tribes. The half-white-half-serpent sons of Cain became Edomites, who then infiltrated Judaea and pretended to be Israelites. In the New Testament, any Judaeans who do good are genuine, white Israelites, while any Judaeans who do bad are actually Cain's snake children (despite the fact that the the Bible records Judaeans like Paul who began by persecuting the Church and later accepted Christ). According to CI, the New Covenant is open only to the (white) lost tribes of Israel (despite the fact that Jesus told his disciples to baptize all nations). Whenever Christians challenge these CI delusions, they are routinely accused of having some trace of Jew-demon DNA. This, apparently, is the only reason someone could possibly have for disagreeing with the CI position.

It is clear that any Bible-believing Christian would be obligated to challenge the CI heresy, as it prevents the spreading of the Gospel to all men, which is our foremost duty.

While these programs did not focus on CI, Sven did begin making pro-CI comments, claiming, for example, that Christianity is only for white people. I was very dismayed that DS was being used to promote such awful lies.

Sven's use of the radio program to spread these falsehoods disturbed me, but things came to a head in the past few weeks, beginning with the publication of Sven's article A Racial Exegesis of the Bible on June 6. This article clearly promotes CI. I was shocked to see this appear on DS, as I had been under the impression that the DS would be used to promote mainstream traditional Western civilization, not obscure conspiracy theories about history.

In the comments section of Sven's article, I challenged some of the claims he made. A few days later, Anglin published my article Why Did God Choose the Jews? (this article was subsequently removed, but can be read here). The CI readers of the site went all out in the comments section for my article, as I had expected.

At this point in the controversy, Anglin published an article in which he said that this debate about religion was counterproductive. Anglin said that the articles by Sven and myself would not be deleted, but that DS would no longer publish articles that dealt with religious doctrine in such detail, as it could alienate certain audiences.

But then just a few days later, Anglin published another article, in which he said that Sven's article would stay up, while my article had been deleted. He explained that my article, which stated that today's Jews are genetically related to the Jews of the Bible, was "offensive to all forms of Christianity". Anglin apparently decided that Sven's article, which affirms the "Jews are secret Edomites" theory, was not "offensive to all forms of Christianity". Anglin's statement about my position being "offensive to all forms of Christianity" is completely untrue. The Church has always viewed the Jews as the apostate descendants of the ancient Israelites. This descent is why the Jews are so blameworthy. They were chosen as God's people, but in spite of this special favor they still rejected God's son. Both Protestants and Catholics have always encouraged and allowed Jews to convert to Christianity. Even in cases where Christians were suspicious of false conversion, this was not out of any genetic concerns. If Anglin thinks that my opinion on Jewish origins is "offensive to all forms of Christianity", then it is clear that his knowledge of Christianity is very limited. (Ironically, most followers of CI strongly criticize the traditional churches because of their rejection of the "Jews are secret Edomites" theory, while Anglin elsewhere seems to include the Orthodox and Catholic churches as legitimate branches of Christianity.)
Anglin also said that:

Though I do not wish to go into detail here, modern Jews are completely genetically different than the Hebrews of the Old Testament. This is something that all who have studied the matter can agree on as historical fact, regardless of the denomination one chooses to follow.

This was especially odd, given that Anglin had recently posted an article by David Duke, in which Duke makes a very cogent argument in favor of today's Jews being descended from the ancient Israelites.

Anglin's statements, along with his decision to delete my post while keeping Sven's, implies that he believes the CI understanding of Jewish origins to be compatible with Christianity, while my understanding of Jewish origins is not. This is troubling for multiple reasons.

First, my understanding of Jewish origins (that Jews are descended from the Judaeans who sided with the Pharisees) is pretty much the only view that Christians have ever held. If you do away with anyone who believes that the Jews are descendants of the ancient Israelites, then you do away with the entire Christian tradition, and are left solely with CI, which is a 20th century invention.

Second, my understanding of Jewish origins is at the heart of all of my writings on the Jewish question. All of the central articles on this site start from this understanding, as do several pieces of mine that have been published on DS in the past. Out of an effort to appease the followers of CI, my entire approach to the Jewish problem has been deemed offensive to Christianity.

As previously mentioned, I am deeply dismayed that DS has been used to promote the heresy of CI. Followers of CI are not Christians, and we cannot have fellowship with them any more than we can have fellowship with Mormons or members of any other pseudo-Christian sect.

Before ending this post, I would like to make a few things clear:

-Although I have spent many hours working on DS, I do not claim any credit for its success. Anglin is solely responsible for its astounding popularity. His personal charisma and remarkable skill as a journalist and propagandist have made the site what it is.

-I have never had any conflict with Anglin on a personal level. I still believe that is an honest person. He is simply ignorant when it comes to religion.

-There have been many malicious and unfair attacks on Anglin by others. He has been accused of many things, including being racially mixed and even being a government-funded agent. I have not seen any evidence to support these charges, and I do not want my comments here to suggest that I take any of these unfounded attacks seriously.

-The CI adherents at DS, including both Sven and many of the commenters, seem to think that the recent conflict "exposed" me and that I have now "shown my true colors". This attitude is truly inexplicable to me. I have always been completely honest and straightforward in my opposition to CI. In the past I have published articles on DS in which I clearly expressed my view on the Jews (see here and here). These articles are still up, and were strongly criticized by CI commenters when published. In fact, one of those commenters started a thread on a popular CI forum attacking me for these views. In August of 2013, I appeared as a guest on Carolyn Yeager's radio show. Beginning at around 1 hr 15 min into the program, we explicitly discussed my views on Jewish origins, and I explicitly rejected the CI understanding of the Jews. I do not know how I could have been any more transparent in my rejection of CI, and I have no idea why anyone would have been surprised by my recent article.

And finally, a word about the future.

During my affiliation with DS, I spent very little time working on my True Sons of Abraham website. In fact, in the last six months I have only posted two articles here. From now on, this site will be much more active. I will have more time to work on some larger projects that will hopefully be completed soon. I will also continue with the type of news analysis that I have done for DS. I still remain committed to the cause of exposing the Jews as enemies of Christ, and with God's help this site will continue for years to come.

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