The Folly Of Defending The Duggars

6/8/15, by Clement Pulaski

The recent revelations about sexual abuse committed by Josh Duggar as an adolescent have made the Left ecstatic. The Left already hated the Duggars and what they stand for, and the sexual abuse story confirms everything they have suspected about "repressive" Christian morality leading to perversion and hypocrisy.

Sadly, many conservatives have rushed to the defense of the Duggars. These conservatives will complain that the media is unfairly targeting the Duggars because they are Christian. This complaint is largely valid. What Josh Duggar did is basically the same as what the Jew Lena Dunham did to her sister. The only real difference is that Josh Duggar repented for what he had done but Dunham basically says it was no big deal. Josh Duggar is demonized by the media, while Dunham is still seen as respectable. We also must remember the Jewish child rapists Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, whose films are still celebrated and awarded Oscars.

However, even though the Duggars are receiving more scrutiny than Jewish liberals would, this does not mean that they are noble people who deserve our respect. The hypocrisy of the Duggars is beyond belief. It is hard to consider a greater parenting failure than allowing your son to molest his sisters. While parents cannot be held fully accountable for everything their children do, their parenting ability can only be measured by the fruit it bears. I do not fault the Duggars for keeping the sexual abuse private. There were minors involved, who appear to have put the events behind them. But the Duggars have built their entire brand on the premise that theirs is a flourishing, Godly family, one that should serve as a model for others. They have written books about parenting, books that were appealing to a Christian audience because they assumed the Duggars to be model parents, which, apparently, they are not. Not only did the Duggars build their fame on a lie, but they built it on a lie which, once exposed, caused untold embarrassment to the Church. That is not even to say that those who have undergone sexual abuse in their families should not share their experiences of healing and forgiveness. They most certainly should, but it must be done honestly and openly.

As in all such cases of sexual abuse involving celebrities, the hubris of those involved is monumental. How could they have imagined that such a damaging story would never come out? How many times could they calmly renew their television contract without worrying about the police reports on their son being released?

Given all this, Christians should vehemently condemn the hypocrisy of the Duggars, and ask ourselves why we ever trusted a family that was eager to turn their children into reality TV stars.

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