On The Female Question

2/14/16, by Clement Pulaski

          bride decoration
           “Bride Decoration”, by Adolf Tindemand. Also known
           as “Muh Aryan Princesses”.

It is a sad day when the sodomites at Counter Currents have become the voice of reason on the issue of the proper role of the “manosphere” in white nationalism. But alas, it has come to pass. In an admittedly excellent article, sodomite Greg Johnson explains the obvious: Roosh V, who is a rapey Middle Easterner known for his books about sex-tourism in Europe, should not be celebrated by white nationalists. The guy is famous for defiling dozens if not hundreds of white women, and in at least one instance he has admitted to committing what would be considered rape under current law, as Johnson explains in his article.

Given that Roosh is know for his series of books about how he slept with white women in different European countries, one would think that it would be obvious to even the most broad-minded white nationalists that Roosh is just as much the enemy as the rape jihadis currently streaming into the heartland of the white race. However, Roosh occasionally criticizes the Jews and there are apparently a lot of sexually frustrated losers in the white nationalist movement, which has led several white nationalists to admire Roosh and the pick-up oriented “neomasculinity” that he represents. Some of the less morally scrupulous white nationalists have openly endorsed his work.

    Roosh, the Middle Easterner who sells books in which he brags
        about banging white women. White nationalists love him!

The problem here is actually much larger than Roosh himself. Even aside from the fact that Roosh is non-white, the attitude that he has towards women is a poisonous one for nationalism. In their extreme bitterness towards feminism, the manosphere has become increasingly insulting and spiteful towards all women in general. The problem ceases to be the Jewish ideology of feminism and becomes the feminine itself. Women are treated as the other. They are blamed for every ill in liberal society, thereby absolving white men of all responsibility. This is a damaging attitude for nationalism, because in nationalism it is necessary to foster harmony between the two halves of the race, the male and the female. I am not aware of any successful nationalist movement, past or present, that has taken the position that women as such are the enemy. These manosphere types even go so far as to say that feminism, or rebellious women in general, are the chief cause of Western civilization's decline and that women are the chief beneficiaries of the sexual revolution. The ignorance of this movement is betrayed by these ridiculous claims and their insincerity is exposed by the obvious fact that they have absolutely no desire to go back to the pre-sexual revolution standards of morality. Prior to the sexual revolution, much of the material produced by the manosphere would have been deemed obscene and therefore illegal. Birth control was not widely available and abortion was illegal, making the free sexual lifestyle that the manosphere aspires to impossible. Men have embraced the sexual revolution with open arms because it allows them to fulfill their lusts. Even those with a vestige of honor who theoretically understand the damage that the sexual revolution has done seem incapable of changing their own behavior (i.e., abstaining from fornication). In my experience, the only men who are actually interested in rolling back the sexual revolution are Christians who understand that the return to traditional morality starts with the individual. Anyone who claims to be opposed to the sexual revolution but then reads books on how to bang as many sluts as possible is a pure hypocrite.

The style of pick-up artistry practiced by Roosh is known as “game”. Over the last few years, game has become increasingly popular amongst nationalists. From what I can tell, the main point of game is to teach nerdy losers how to become “alphas”. This enables them to see through the lies of feminism and to become self-confidant serial fornicators. I unhesitatingly call these men losers because many of them seem to complain not simply about feminism preventing them from finding traditional housewives, but about feminism preventing them from being able to have even casual sexual relationships. This seems to be a common complaint amongst manosphere types, especially those who also identify with white nationalism. I say that this is abnormal loser behavior because in my own experience I have never met any men who share the manoshpere's insistence that it is impossible to “get women” in today's feminist world. Almost all the men I have known from college or from work have been in steady relationships or have been happily “playing the field”. The level of sexual angst displayed by the manosphere types is something I have not seen since high school. I was totally unaware that grown men in today's promiscuous atmosphere actually need to read guide books on how to pick up loose women.

How game is supposed to help advance the cause of nationalism is truly beyond me. I have asked game advocates to explain this to me on multiple occasions, but I have yet to hear an explanation that makes sense. I grant that feminism is a major problem in the West and that it is one of the main tools used by the Jews to destroy white families and drive down white birth rates. What I do not understand, however, is how game is supposed to truly overcome feminism. The great success stories that I hear from game proponents is that they are now able to bed numerous women and to do so without any emotional attachment. But from a nationalist perspective, the biggest problem with feminism is the destruction of the traditional family, and therefore the goal of nationalism needs to be the restoration of the traditional family and the increase of white birth rates. From what I have seen, however, game does absolutely nothing to restore the traditional family. I have not seen one example of a gamer who used his neomasculine skills to transform a liberal feminist into a traditional housewife. I have not seen any testimonials from ex-feminists who ascribe their embrace of traditional gender roles to the raw masculinity of a pick-up artist. The more prominent leaders of neomasculinity, including Roosh himself, seem to be unmarried and childless (Roosh is currently 36 years old, and has been writing game material for almost ten years). As a Christian opponent of game and neomasculinity, I am accused of being a “beta” or a “white knight” for opposing the ridiculously anti-women attitude of gamers. But in reply, I can say that if our goal is the restoration of the traditional family, then Christians can boast of a much better track record.

There is already a movement in the United States that has converted thousands of women away from feminism and promiscuity. Women who had been indoctrinated with radical feminism from their youth have come to see the error of their ways and have been transformed into traditional housewives. This movement is called conservative Christianity. I have read several testimonies from women who rejected feminism and free love after coming to faith in Christ. Looking at my fellow white nationalist writers and bloggers, I have certainly noticed a trend that the happily married ones tend to be Christian, which is not at all surprising. We follow the old paths; we pursue courtship and marriage following the pattern of our Christian ancestors; and we apparently do not suffer the crippling frustration that is the mark of manosphere. I want to make it clear that I am not making a utilitarian argument in favor of Christianity. I am not advocating that anyone become a Christian simply because it can overcome feminism. But overcoming feminism is undeniably one of the great blessings that the Christian faith provides. Being born again in Jesus is the only way to rid oneself of all worldly doctrines, including feminism. The fact that game advocates so stridently oppose Christian sexual ethics is just one more indication of the extremes to which unregenerate man will go in his quest to distort and deny the truth. Even in its more traditional form, marriage was a compromise, as both the husband and the wife have always been required to make certain sacrifices in order to create a harmonious new family. The manosphere, with its attitude of perpetual play and selfish enjoyment, does not lead to this marital harmony and it is not part of the solution to feminism.

               Marriage can be challenging.

               But it is awesome.

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