GMWA And Church Planting

2/19/17, by Clement Pulaski

I am pleased to announce that I have recently started writing articles for Good Morning White America. Going forward I will be focusing primarily on GMWA, so this site will not be updated very frequently.

In addition to writing articles, I will also be involved in a very exciting project being spearheaded by GMWA's Adam Grey: planting pro-white churches. More information can be found here. The project will initially focus on producing weekly audio messages and creating small Bible-study groups using Google Hangouts. If you are interested in joining such a group please use the contact form on the above link.

Faithful Christians who accept the reality of race as part of God's created order are a persecuted and marginalized group. Creating our own safe spaces in which to worship and enjoy fellowship is our most pressing need. With God's help these small groups being started by GMWA will turn into real life congregations and spark a new reformation of the Church.

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