Dennis Hastert Outed As Homosexual, Liberals Claim Victory

5/31/15, by Clement Pulaski

If you read the comment sections at liberal websites reporting on the recent sex-scandal involving Republican politician Dennis Hastert, the glee is palpable. Some liberals cite the story of Hastert molesting a high-school boy as proof that conservatives are all hypocrites and perverts. What this scandal actually reveals, however, is that there are no authentic conservatives in positions of power.

Yet another "conservative" has turned out to be a homosexual. That is, Hastert is actually one of them, not one of us. The fact that a homosexual was able to masquerade as a conservative for so long testifies to the corruption of the fake-conservative establishment. Anyone who makes the slightest politically incorrect statement is quickly purged from the Republican party, while closeted homosexuals have long, prosperous careers.

In the case of Hastert, it appears that his own perverted tendencies could have been at play in his response to the scandal surrounding fellow homosexual Republican Mark Foley.

From Talking Points Memo:

Ever since yesterday's shock revelations, it seemed like news like this would come out as the underlying bad act behind Denny Hastert's public downfall. Because of that, the almost decade old Mark Foley scandal has rushed back into the minds of everyone who covered that story at the time. To review, if you weren't around at the time, in the death throes of the old Republican majority, in September 2006 it emerged that Congressman Mark Foley had had sexual interactions with male members of the Congressional page program, i.e., high school age students. Foley was not out as a gay man; though I think it was widely known or at least assumed that he was gay.

The story spun out of control because it quickly came out that the House leadership, with Hastert at the very top, had been at best sluggish in addressing warnings about Foley's conduct...

Hastert, through the entire drama, was awkward and slow to react or be clear or particularly convincing about what was known...

Looking back, it is hard to believe Hastert didn't go through the weeks of the Foley scandal something like petrified that his own history would be kicked up in the storm of the Foley revelations. Indeed, this new information might explain his own awkward and oddly tentative response.

If instead of being a homosexual, Foley had made some "racially insensitive" comments, he would have been booted from the party in an instant. Prominent Republicans would have outdone one another in hyperbolic condemnations of "racism". But since he was just a pederast, Republican leaders, including the homosexual Hastert, were slow to act.

It's true that establishment "conservatives" are hypocrites, but the hypocrisy is not due to the essence of conservatism. The hypocrisy is due to the fact that most establishment "conservatives" are actually liberals, both in their personal lives and in their policy choices.

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