The Idolatry of Christian Zionism

5/5/13, by Clement Pulaski

Perhaps the greatest spiritual delusion, and one that men have repeatedly fallen into, is that divine favor can be gained by performing certain physical actions or rituals, regardless of the moral character of those involved. This delusion is the basis of pagan idolatry and magic, where a practitioner bargains with his god or demon and enters into a contract where each side must fulfill its duties. The same delusion is also seen in many Catholic errors, such as belief in the divine authority of the pope. Catholics claim that any earthly successor of Peter has the same honor and authority as the apostle himself, regardless of a man's character or beliefs. Thus throughout the years Catholics, thinking that anyone who holds physical dominion over the Vatican is to be God's representative on earth, have venerated numerous popes of wicked character and false opinion. Catholic doctrine has gone further and further away from Scripture because of this undue veneration of mere men and earthly institutions.

Unfortunately, many Christians who do reject the errors of the Roman church have fallen into their own idolatry: Christian Zionism. While Catholics think that any man who holds the physical seat of Peter is to be revered, Christian Zionists claim that those who are Jews by blood retain the honor and sanctity of their ancient ancestors, regardless of their lack of faith. Christian Zionists do this despite the clear teaching of the Bible that the Jews who reject Christ are branches that have been torn away from the root of the Church and cast aside.

Christian Zionists set up for themselves a carnal idol, the physical race of antichrist Jews. They give military and financial aid to the Jews in Palestine, thinking that they please God by transporting the mortal, unregenerate flesh of spiritually dead Jews to the Holy Land. The religion of the Jews is founded on their rejection of Jesus as the Messiah, and the return of these apostates to the earthly Jerusalem is no more pleasing to God than were the sacrifices offered to Him by those with wicked hearts.

This focus on the political events surrounding the earthly Jerusalem goes against the message of the Gospel, which says that we are to lift our hearts up to the heavenly Kingdom of God. The Old Testament nation of Israel was not an end unto itself, but rather the visible preparation for the spiritual revelation of the Messiah. The ancient nation was an earthly seed, a seed sown in corruption and raised in the glory of the Church, which is the spiritual communion of the saints of all earthly nations. The descendants of Ishmael and of Esau were just as much physical sons of Abraham as were the descendants of Isaac and Jacob, but because they did not maintain the covenant of faith, they became irrelevant to God's purpose for the seed of Abraham. In the same way, the Jews have cut themselves off from the covenant of Christ, and are no longer God's chosen people. As Jesus said to the Jews, "The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof" (Matthew 21:43).

But for Christian Zionists, their carnal idol of the Jewish people is more important than the Word of God. Although our Lord calls these Christians to the heavenly Jerusalem, they strain towards the earthly—like Lot's wife who looked back towards the wickedness of the world. Rather than engaging in the spiritual struggle of converting the Jews to the True Faith, Christian Zionists war after the flesh, thinking that God will reward them for giving the unbelieving Jews military and political aid. The ancient pagans worshiped dead pieces of wood that could not speak; Christian Zionists worship unrepentant Jews who curse Jesus and the Church with their unclean mouths.

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