Organized Jewry Censors the Bible

5/3/13, by Clement Pulaski

Since the 17th century, the people of the German village of Oberammergau have put on a magnificent passion play, a production that can involve over half of the village's population. In 1634, when the region was affected by the plague, the villagers vowed to God that they would perform the play in perpetuity if spared from the pestilence. The villagers have kept the vow to this day, putting on the performance once every ten years.

While they may follow the letter of the vow, due to the influence of organized Jewry they no longer follow its spirit. The American Jewish Committee (AJC), a "global advocate for the well-being of the Jewish people", has successfully pressured the residents of Oberammergau to alter the script of the passion play to make it more pleasing to Jews. What change to the script was the AJC most adamant about? Were the Jews upset about elements in the play that were derived from medieval superstition or were holdovers from the National Socialist regime? No—the offensive lines were verses from the Bible. In the AJC report on Oberammergau, it states the following:

Until the 2000 production, the Jewish crowd affirmed that "his blood be upon us and upon our children" (Matthew 27:25) at the scene of Jesus’ condemnation. Under significant pressure from those who considered the line a blatant charge of deicide against the Jews, Oberammergau’s leaders removed the line from the script.

At the insistence of these apostate Jews, the infallible Word of God was removed from a play that is performed in obedience to a religious vow. But the Jews are still not satisfied, as the report continues:

Even without this troublesome line, Jewish and Christian leaders note that the overall effect of the 2010 Passion Play is still problematic in this respect. The Jewish crowd’s powerful cries to "Crucify him!" in the most recent production create a lingering sense that the Jews are responsible for Jesus’ death.

The cries of "crucify him!" are also taken from the Bible (Mark 15:13), showing that the Jews hope that even more of the sacred scriptures will be removed from the play. One wonders how the scene of Pilate speaking to the Jewish crowd could be represented at all after removing all of the "offensive" material. It is also important to realize that if Jews are offended by Christians reading these lines out loud during a public performance, they are also offended when we read these lines in Church, or even in our homes.

We must conclude that although they still perform the play, the residents of Oberammergau are no longer loyal to the spirit of the vow, because they have removed Bible verses from the script at the insistence of unbelievers. The same can be said of all Christians who think that Jewish opinions are at all relevant to how we are to practice our faith: these Christians are disloyal to God. The Church was built on the blood of those who chose to die rather than deny the Word of God, while many contemporary Christians modify the Church in order to please those who call the evangelists liars.

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