Facing Utter Defeat, Kosher Christians Still Don't Get It

4/27/15, by Clement Pulaski

                           The real "mark of the beast"

Green Baggins is a popular Reformed blog that takes a "conservative" view on many issues, while at the same time promoting the Cultural Marxist position on race and the Jewish question. The site recently published an article entitled Welcome to Babylon! Here’s Your Mark! The article correctly points out that opposition to sodomy is quickly becoming a dangerous opinion to have, and that Christian churches that stick to the clear Biblical teaching on the subject will face increasing persecution in the coming years. To illustrate this point, the author of the post includes the image of a "gay rainbow", suggesting that this is the mark of the beast spoken of the book of Revelation:

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Revelation 13:16-17)

While it is certainly true that the militant pro-homosexual movement would like to prevent Christians from carrying out business, this is just the latest step of an ongoing process to marginalize and ultimately criminalize Biblical teaching.

As a more comprehensive and appropriate mark of the beast, I would suggest the "kosher K" rather than the "gay rainbow". Being punished for opposing homosexuality is a fairly recent phenomenon, while Christians who have spoken the plain Biblical truth about the Jews have been persecuted for years. The Christians who refuse to absolve the Jews of their obvious guilt in the murder of the Messiah are targeted by the Jews and their "Christian" Zionist allies. The writers at Green Baggins may deplore homosexuality, but they would doubtless join in denouncing the "anti-Semtism" of myself and other like minded Christians. These pro-Jewish Christians bear the kosher K, the mark of Jewish approval. Toleration of the Jews (particularly toleration of their disproportionate power in our society) is the single greatest cause of the degeneracy plaguing what was once known as Christendom. The Christians who gladly bear the mark of Jewish approval are directly responsible for the current persecution of Christians who refuse to participate in sodomite weddings.

Those who shouted for Christ to be crucified have completely dominated our society for several decades. Our media, government and academic institutions are dominated by Jews. Jews and Jewish ideology control the way our people live and think. Given all this, it should be no surprise to kosher Christians that the Christian foundations of our civilization are rapidly being undermined. Nor should they expect that the clear Biblical teaching against homosexuality will keep the retreating church from compromising yet again. The Scripture passages condemning the Jews are just as clear and irrefutable as those condemning homosexuality. Dismissing the former while trying to hold on to the latter is futile. The passages that obviously condemn the Jews have already been explained away and ignored, and the passages condemning homosexuality can be taken care of in exactly the same way. We are already seeing this happen, as more and more pastors begin to revise their previous positions on homosexuality. These pro-sodomy "Christians" are saying that Bible passages condemning homosexuals actually only refer to promiscuous homosexuals, not homosexuals in committed relationships, even though Scripture nowhere makes this distinction. This is the exact same tactic used by pro-Jewish "Christians", who argue that the passages condemning the Jews only refer to the Jews of the New Testament era, not the Jews of today, despite the fact that the Jews have never collectively turned away from their defining error (the rejection of the Messiah). Once this dishonest method of interpretation is allowed, there is no Biblical doctrine safe from revision.

The fruits of Jewish domination are beginning to ripen, and pro-Jewish "conservative" Christians have only themselves to blame.

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