Nationalism And Liberty

7/2/15, by Clement Pulaski

                     The flag of the white man's freedom.

This July 4th, I suspect that many conservative Americans will view their holiday differently. It is difficult to celebrate one's freedom when the federal government has decided that freedom includes mandatory acceptance of sodomite marriage. I especially hope that Southerners will reflect upon the meaning of the holiday and wonder just how long they can expect to fly the flag of their choice in "land of the free".

Of late the news cycle has been dominated by two stories, the hysteria over the Confederate flag and the Supreme Court redefinition of marriage. Both of these issues are related to distortions and misunderstandings of the concept of freedom (a topic I've covered before). America was founded as a republic where white men living in accordance with Christian, European morals would have equal opportunity for economic and political advancement. In rebelling from the king, the British colonies redefined the membership of their political communities and repudiated the principal of hereditary rule. However, they still clearly defined the limits of their political community and they largely retained the concept of hereditary membership within this political community. Only those descended from the original founders or immigrants of similar racial stock could be full members of the community. Negro slaves and Indian tribes were explicitly excluded. In other words, the American concept of freedom was nationalistic, not universalist.

This nationalistic conception of freedom is found in the Declaration of Independence, as explained by Confederate president Jefferson Davis:

It has been a conviction of pressing necessity, it has been a belief that we are to be deprived in the Union of the rights which our fathers bequeathed to us, which has brought Mississippi into her present decision. She has heard proclaimed the theory that all men are created free and equal, and this made the basis of an attack upon her social institutions; and the sacred Declaration of Independence has been invoked to maintain the position of the equality of the races. That Declaration of Independence is to be construed by the circumstances and purposes for which it was made. The communities were declaring their independence; the people of those communities were asserting that no man was born--to use the language of Mr. Jefferson--booted and spurred to ride over the rest of mankind; that men were created equal--meaning the men of the political community; that there was no divine right to rule; that no man inherited the right to govern; that there were no classes by which power and place descended to families, but that all stations were equally within the grasp of each member of the body-politic. These were the great principles they announced; these were the purposes for which they made their declaration; these were the ends to which their enunciation was directed. They have no reference to the slave; else, how happened it that among the items of arraignment made against George III was that he endeavored to do just what the North has been endeavoring of late to do--to stir up insurrection among our slaves? Had the Declaration announced that the negroes were free and equal, how was the Prince to be arraigned for stirring up insurrection among them? And how was this to be enumerated among the high crimes which caused the colonies to sever their connection with the mother country? When our Constitution was formed, the same idea was rendered more palpable, for there we find provision made for that very class of persons as property; they were not put upon the footing of equality with white men--not even upon that of paupers and convicts; but, so far as representation was concerned, were discriminated against as a lower caste, only to be represented in the numerical proportion of three fifths.

Davis shows that there are no grounds for suggesting that slavery is incompatible with Americanism, or that the principles of the Declaration imply racial egalitarianism.

In one segment of the Declaration, rarely quoted today, Jefferson complains that the king "has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions." That is, the founding fathers saw the Declaration of Independence as part of a racial struggle against Indian savages and rebelling Negro slaves. Clearly this is a declaration of national liberty, not of universal liberty.

Beginning with the abolitionists in the 19th century, subversive forces have replaced the original, nationalistic freedom of early America with the universalist freedom of the Jacobins and Marxists. According to the universalist conception of freedom, all of humanity is one and therefore all of humanity must share the same political rights. This tendency first manifests itself in breaking down legal distinctions within a state, and logically ends in the demand for one-world government. National borders become instruments of inequality, because men on one side of a border have different liberties from men on the other side. All political and cultural distinctions must be attacked with a genocidal fury.

In addition to being destructive and degenerate, the universalist conception of freedom is also self-contradictory, for it implies that all human differences of culture, character and opinion can harmoniously co-exist within the same political community. While it is possible to have relative diversity within a political community, it is impossible to have absolute diversity. At a certain point one group's rights will be violated by another's. In other words, one group's liberty is only gained at the expense of another's. The liberty of the early Americans was gained at the expense of the liberty of the king to rule over his colonies. The liberty of Christians to live in a wholesome society was won at the expense of the liberty of homosexuals and fornicators to publicly practice their perversions. The liberty of the white man in North America was won at the expense of the liberty of the Negro and the Indian. There is no way for these conflicting liberties to co-exist harmoniously.

Returning to the ongoing Confederate flag controversy, we can see that the ever-increasing liberty of the Negro undermines the liberty of the white man. Political correctness demands that Negroes not only be free from slavery, but be free from hurt feelings. In order for the Negro to enjoy this freedom from hurt feelings, the white man must lose his freedom to say certain words, display certain symbols, and live in certain neighborhoods.

The same holds true when it comes to the sodomite marriage controversy. The freedom of homosexuals to marry has been won at the expense of the Christian's freedom to refuse business services to blasphemous and immoral ceremonies. In the future, the homosexual's freedom from hurt feelings will demand that those with unwanted same-sex attraction lose their freedom to seek professional help.

It is worth noting how quickly these competing liberties come into conflict. Only during the cultural revolutions of the 1960s did Negroes and homosexuals gain full legal recognition, and now only a few decades later the liberties of white Christians are severely threatened.

When discussing these contemporary controversies, fake conservatives in the MSM talk about how we need to respect the freedoms of all Americans. This is impossible. In every one of these conflicts, one side will win and the other side will lose. White Christians are clearly the losers. Some time ago conservatives bought into the lie that the Negroes and homosexuals just wanted to live their lives freely, and that in the future society, we would all get along and respect one another. This false profession of brotherhood by the Left has now been abandoned. Our enemies are openly calling for a day when the white race and Christian opposition to homosexuality no longer exist. This is their utopia, and we will have no part in it. In this sense, the Left is being more honest than the fake conservatives. The Left is slowly starting to admit what they believed all along: that our liberties are incompatible with theirs.

If white Christians ever want to return their nation to her former glory, they must openly declare that American liberty belongs to them alone.

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