Free E-Book: On the Jews and Their Lies

3/1/15, by Clement Pulaski


In the entire history of the Church, no saint can be said to rival Martin Luther's boldness in proclaiming the truth. At the risk of his own life, he fearlessly denounced the corruptions of the established Roman hierarchy. His faith was such that he could oppose any worldly power that stood in the way of the pure Gospel message. Much to the dismay of contemporary philo-Semites, Luther was equally bold in denouncing the Jews.

In the pages of On the Jews and Their Lies, the reader will find the same care, the same conviction, and the same fire that characterize Luther's greatest works. The man who stood against the Pope that you might enjoy Christian liberty, saw the Jews as a grave threat, not just to our earthly prosperity, but to our eternal salvation.

Download the book here.

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