Anti-Semites: We Are Over One Billion Strong

1/14/15, by Clement Pulaski


The ADL, an antichrist Jewish organization, maintains a webpage called the "ADL Global 100". The page features an interactive map showing the geographical distribution of the over one billion anti-Semites in the world today. According to the ADL, a survey conducted in 2013-14 revealed that 26% of the world's adult population is anti-Semitic.

A few observations about the results:

The highest concentration of anti-Semites is in the Middle East, which is not surprising. Nefarious Jewish behavior is even harder not to notice when Zionist forces are dropping bombs on you.

In many European countries people are fined and imprisoned for expressing criticism of Jews. In America we still have freedom of speech, but losing one's livelihood is a real possibility for vocal anti-Semites. Given these facts, there are doubtless more anti-Semites in these regions than reported.

Countries in East Asia are almost just as anti-Semitic as Western Europe. This is noteworthy because these countries have historically had nearly zero interaction with the Jews. They do not have religious traditions that are hostile to the Jews, nor have they been home to significant Jewish minorities. This makes the Asians the most neutral party when it comes to the Jews. And yet miraculously the Asians come to the same "anti-Semitic" conclusions as the rest of the world.

A rational observer would ask what the Jews (who number around only fifteen million) are doing to make themselves resented by over a quarter of the global community. But that observer would soon discover that he himself is an anti-Semite for asking such a question! The survey used to detect anti-Semitism features a number of statements that only anti-Semites would agree with, one of which reads "People hate Jews because of the way Jews behave". To avoid being an anti-Semite, it is necessary to rule out the possibility that Jewish behavior contributes to dislike of the Jews, and it is necessary to do so prior to investigating the causes of anti-Semitism. The other "anti-Semitic" statements used in the survey, such as "Jews are more loyal to Israel" and "Jews have too much power in the business world", are both correct and easily demonstrable, as shown on pages 110-112 of my book. But when answering the accusation of anti-Semitism, the truth is no defense.

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