Below are a number of links revealing the true nature of the Jew. A few of the links are to sites that are critical of Jews and/or Israel, but almost all of them are to mainstream sources, many of which are Jewish owned. I will continually add to this page as new stories become known to me.

Jews Do Control the Media, from the Times of Israel

Who Runs Hollywood?, a Jew writing in the LA Times

Triple-exthnics, Jews brag about their role in the pornography industry, from the Jewish Quarterly

Jews Burn New Testaments, from Israeli newspaper Haaretz

Israeli Lawmaker Destroys Copy of New Testament, from the LA Times

The King's Torah, rabbis teach that Jews are allowed to kill non-Jews, from the Jewish Daily Forward

Non-Jews Exist To Serve Jews, former Chief Rabbi of Israel says that gentiles were born to serve Jews, from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Human Trafficking in Israel, Israel ranks with third world countries when it comes to human trafficking, from Israeli news site Ynetnews

Sex Slaves in the Holy Land, prostitution is legal in Israel, from Times of Israel

Rabbi Says Young Boys May Have Consented to Sex, from

Jews Spit on Christians Living In Israel, from Israeli newspaper Haaretz

The Converts Who Changed the Church, Jews brag about how Jewish "converts" changed Catholic teaching on Judaism, from the Jewish Daily Forward

Islamization of Europe a Good Thing, rabbi says that Islam is preferable to Christianity, from Israeli news site Ynetnews

Muslim and Jewish Leaders Stand Together, Jews and Muslims work together to destroy Christian Europe, from the European Jewish Press

Rabbis Infect Babies With Herpes, some rabbis use their mouths to remove blood from recently circumcised babies, from the New York Daily News

Joe Biden Reveals Jewish Role in Subversion, according to the VP Jews are behind gay marriage and other depravities, from New York Magazine

Jews Lead Push For Gun Control, from the Jewish Daily Forward

Israel's Marriage Law, law bans Palestinians married to Israelis from gaining Israeli citizenship, from the BBC

Israeli Organ Trafficking, from

Jews Support Immigration Amnesty, from the American Jewish Committee

Jews and Ivy League Schools, ethnic networking leads to Jews dominating higher education, from the Occidental Observer