Monuments to White Womanhood

7/20/13, by Clement Pulaski

Pioneer mother monument in Ponca City, OK

The last wild portions of the American frontier were settled around 1900, and shortly thereafter Americans began erecting monuments to commemorate this heroic conquest. A particularly popular type of frontier commemoration was the monument to the pioneer mother. The 1910s and 1920s saw several such monuments spring up across the country, and in 1929 Americans established an elaborate series of twelve pioneer mother statues, known collectively as the Madonna of the Trail, which were situated along the National Old Trail Road, a coast to coast highway that followed many of the old pioneer routes. The dedication ceremonies for these monuments often featured the most prominent statesmen of the day making speeches in praise of white American womanhood. By looking at these speeches we can see the feminine virtues cherished by western Christian civilization.

President Herbert Hoover:

There are few men of the West of my generation who did not know the pioneer woman in his own mother, and who does not rejoice to know that her part in building that great civilization is to have such beautiful recognition. It was those women who carried the refinement, the moral character and spiritual force into the West. Not only they bore great burdens of daily toil and the rearing of families, but they were intent that their children should have a chance, that the doors of opportunity should be open to them. It was their insistence which made the schools and the churches.

Secretary of War Patrick J. Hurley:

She has been the bulwark ever standing between civilization and barbarism. The pioneer woman has played her part in the conquest of nature through all the ages. We cannot evaluate her character without any appreciation of her intelligence. Here was an intelligence that quickly and clearly recognized that the three great pillars of democratic government are religion, education and the home. She trusted in God and was a firm believer in the efficacy of prayer.

Future President Harry S Truman:

It was the grand old pioneer mother who made the settlement of the original thirteen colonies possible. She came to Virginia in 1609; she came to Massachusetts in 1620 and after that to all the colonies, thus making their settlement a permanent undertaking...She made this country what it is by being the hearty mother she was and producing sons and daughters to make it great...Those pioneer mothers went to make the winning of the West really and truly stay won. They were just as brave or braver than their men, because in many cases they went with sad hearts and trembling bodies. They went, however, and endured every hardship that befalls a pioneer. They fought indians, want, and loneliness and won. My grandmothers were pioneer women and that is why I am here.

Traditional society values women not only for their ability to reproduce physically, but for their ability to raise spiritually and emotionally healthy children. During the westward advance the first Americans to settle a new territory were often solitary mountain men or other adventurous fortune-hunters. Free of all family obligations, these pioneers often fell into immoral living in the many boom towns across the West. It was only with the arrival of decent white women that an area began to adopt a more civilized way of life. Men desired to marry the recently arrived females, and the creation of families and the attendant responsibilities resulted in the refinement of the community. Out of concern for their children's temporal and eternal welfare, the pioneer mothers established churches and schools, key components of civilization. As their menfolk struggled against the wilderness and the savage natives, the women of the frontier raised the next generation of conquerors. From her place in the home, the pioneer mother had an immense positive influence. Being a homemaker did not make the woman a slave, but a pillar of society. The contemporary saying "well behaved women rarely make history" could not be more wrong, for in reality well behaved women are the bedrock of history.

These feminine virtues are reflected in the monuments themselves. The women are always depicted with their offspring, their greatest contribution to the nation. The monument from the Kansas State Capitol shows a pioneer mother in modest dress with an infant at her bosom, a rifle in her hand, and a pious young son at her side. At her feet rests a dog, a symbol of fidelity.

Pioneer mother monument at the Kansas State Capitol

Without morally healthy women a nation cannot flourish, and when this fact is recognized it becomes clear how dark our current situation truly is. Once cherished as the mothers of our race, women today are viewed as unpaid whores. Not one out of a thousand white men would think of the pioneer mother when asked to describe his perfect woman. The traditional feminine ideal has been destroyed by the filth of Jewish Hollywood and Freudian sexology. Men have been conditioned to desire only the rutting animal, and women have been conditioned to fulfill this desire. When the Jews degrade our women they soil the womb of our race, the root from which future generations spring. The Jews have put such an effort into corrupting us sexually because they fear how powerful our race can be when we are morally healthy. Americans of the early 20th century understood that virtuous white womanhood, when acting in harmony with our masculine will for exploration, conquered a continent.

The Madonna of the Prairie, by W.H.D. Koerner

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