A Prayer to End White Genocide

10/25/13, by Clement Pulaski

               ring-of-roses                   Pray for a future for our children.

We Christian nationalists are largely isolated. We may have fellowship with well-meaning conservative Christians in our congregations, but even these "conservatives" would for the most part be shocked and horrified by our views. All of us hopefully have a few friends or family members who are of one spirit with us, but being a Christian nationalist still results in some degree of solitude. I am unaware of any openly advertised nationalist congregations in the United States, and although I am sure that some such bodies exist, joining one is geographically impossible for most of us. Fellowship is of central importance to the Christian life, and our inability to worship and pray together with truly like-minded people leaves us with a great sense of emptiness. Therefore of the many problems genuine Christians face, lack of fellowship is a principal one. With a view towards addressing this problem, I propose that Christian nationalists around the United States and around the world make an effort to pray together. Although we are separated by distance and largely unknown to one another, we can pray the same words at the same time. Doubtless all of us already pray for our race in private, but praying together as a body has added benefit. I believe in the efficacy of prayer as taught by the Bible, and I also believe in the power of group prayer in building a community. I have not heard of anyone else making a similar proposal, so I have taken it upon myself to compose a brief prayer to end white genocide.

In composing the prayer, I aimed to address the following points:

1) Beginning with the Enlightenment, atheism and materialism have slowly corrupted European mankind, causing many of our folk to turn away from the true faith. Our reward for this apostasy is seen in the suffering of the French and Russian Revolutions, the rise of Cultural Marxism, and the massive influx of hostile racial aliens into our homelands. This immigrant invasion coupled with the race-mixing ideology of Cultural Marxism will lead to white genocide. But in praying to end white genocide, we must keep in mind that spiritual salvation is always of primary importance, and that praying for the wordly preservation of our ethnicity without any reference to spiritual regeneration would not make any sense. An anti-Christ Europe would not be worth saving.
2) The Jews murdered Christ, and the Jews of today are still guilty of this crime. These Jews committed the greatest crime in history, and are largely responsible for our current sufferings. Recognizing the wickedness of the Jews is of central importance for both theological and political understanding.
3) The main objection raised against Christian nationalism is that the Gospel should be spread to all nations and is not restricted to a single racial group. This is certainly true, but it does not follow from the universality of the Gospel that the white race must be destroyed. Those who wish to preserve the white race do so out of love, while it is the hostile non-whites (including many supposed Christians) seeking our destruction who act out of hate. We dream of a world with true fellowship amongst the nations, but this will be impossible as long as non-whites rejoice in our genocide.

I will be reciting the prayer every Wednesday and Friday at 8pm EST, and I invite you all to join me.


Lord God, beginning and end of all things. Our folk has rejected your divine light and is rightfully punished for our transgression.

We pray that our white brothers and sisters turn away from their error and once again embrace Jesus Christ so that our souls and our folk might be saved.

We pray that our white brothers and sisters recognize that the Jews are the murderers of the Messiah, and see the evil that this wicked tribe has inflicted upon the faithful.

We pray that the non-white peoples of the world become free of their genocidal hatred and envy of the white race, and that all mankind repent and turn to the one true faith in order that Christian fellowship might exist amongst the nations.

Lord, you alone are good and holy. We confess that we are wretched sinners, and we pray that you have mercy upon us and save us. Amen.

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