"Pro-Life" Ted Cruz Refuses To Punish Baby Murderers

4/1/16, by Clement Pulaski


One would think that after a decade of observing the cowardly behavior of fake conservatives, nothing would surprise me anymore. But I must confess that this week I was taken aback by the controversy surrounding Donald Trump's suggestion that if abortion were made illegal there would be penalties for women who had abortions. It is understandable that the pro-infanticide voices in our culture would condemn Trump's position as "anti-woman", but Trump was also attacked by Ted Cruz and other supposedly pro-life leaders.

While Trump unfortunately moderated his position in a subsequent statement, the logic of his original comments suggesting prison sentences for women who had abortions make perfect sense. If one truly believes that abortion is murder, how could one possibly oppose penalizing those who abort their own children? What is the point of making something illegal if there is not going to be any legal penalty for violating the law?

When condemning Trump's position on Twitter, Cruz wrote that:

"We shouldn’t be talking about punishing women; we should affirm their dignity and gift to bring life into the world"

Cruz's statement was echoed by various other organizations in the mainstream pro-life movement. Their hysterical response highlights exactly why the pro-life movement, and the conservative movement as a whole, have been so unsuccessful. They attempt to mix the moral axioms of liberalism with their own Christian worldview and end up reinforcing liberal values. In this case, the pc pro-lifers regurgitate the leftist argument that abortion restrictions are "anti-woman" by saying that certain types of abortion restrictions are indeed "anti-woman".

And finally, this episode shows once again how emotional, muddle-headed and anti-nomian contemporary Christianity has become. There is no stomach for offending worldly opinion or for affirming and enforcing God's standards of justice. The distasteful task of actually carrying out the type of punishment that God commands is abandoned in favor of sentimental talk about respecting the feelings of those who commit heinous deeds. The contemporary Church has no fight, no vision, and they wonder why they lose every battle in the culture war.

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