The "Refugee Crisis" And The Necessity Of Explicit Racialism

9/10/15, by Clement Pulaski

The final solution to the white problem is accelerating. Countless Arabs and Negroes are invading Europe, with the Jewish media claiming that they are "refugees" and "asylum seekers". Many suicidally "liberal" whites are welcoming these criminal invaders, while there is a degree of backlash coming from conservative whites who are less deracinated.

This conflict amongst whites has of course led to much moral posturing as both sides attempt to take the high ground in the argument. The whites with healthier racial instincts are naturally in the right, but they will likely lose the battle of ideas because they are not taking an explicitly racialist position. For if all races are equal, then the pro-invasion position is correct.

As happens when discussing anything related to race, the non-racialist conservative is forced to talk about "cultural preservation" rather than addressing the real issue. But people who are racially equal can easily assimilate into a new culture, and cultures are mutable things that can be improved through conscious effort. If possessing a superior culture is the only reason why Germany is a nicer place to live than Africa, then the philanthropic thing to do is to allow as many Africans as possible into Germany and encourage them to assimilate. By denying innate racial differences, the non-racialist conservative affirms the idea that an African can be just as German as a Nordic European. The best that the non-racialist conservative can do is protest that the current wave of migration will make assimilation more difficult, which will be seen as a claim that is difficult to verify and quantify, and not very convincing when those seeking admittance likely face death in their home countries. We also must note that gradual migration will destroy Europe just as surely as mass migration, for assimilation means miscegenation and mongrelization. Not only will there be more mixed-race children, but there will be more white Europeans with mixed-race nieces, nephews and cousins, making the idea of racialism even more unpalatable than it already is. By affirming racial equality, the conservatives have left untouched the strongest premise of the pro-invasion side.

Another important front in the battle for the moral high ground is the issue of greed and global inequality. Once again, after accepting the main premise of the pro-invasion side, the non-racialist conservative has no sound ethical argument. After all, the pro-invasion side is correct in saying that it is selfish to worry about the economic burden of admitting "refugees" when the West is so wealthy and there are so many third-world people in need. Both sides fail to see that wealth is based almost entirely on human capital. Mass migration of inferior human capital to the first world can only result in lowering the collective welfare of mankind, because the subsequent mixing with the native white population degrades the overall quality of humanity. It is like saying that a man infected with the plague can be cured by moving into a house inhabited by healthy people. Being around healthy people will not help the sick man, but it will undoubtedly contribute to the spread of the disease. The ethical thing to do is to keep the healthy healthy, and prevent those who are incurably ill from infecting the healthy. The migrants paw and grab at the healthy body of Europa, hoping that her health and beauty will rub off on them. But this can never happen.

As we have seen, the pro-invasion arguments can only be countered by explicit racialism. More than that, explicit racialism is an absolute necessity in our current situation. We cannot be satisfied with any sort of soft nationalism. We cannot be content with the situation of de facto racialism that obtained in the past when white populations were relatively isolated and therefore free from contamination. In a world of high speed travel and communication, such measures will not prevent mongrelization. We must view the broad scope of history, and understand that strict and explicit racialism is the only bulwark against a world of barbarism. For millennia Providence preserved the white race, though we ourselves were largely blind to the significance of race. Beginning in the 18th and 19th centuries white men and women living alongside non-whites developed a mature race realism. Once we became illumined with this understanding, we bore the responsibility of developing a rational racial policy that would ensure the preservation of the great blessings that God had bestowed upon us. But, as is his habit, fallen man rebelled against this knowledge, and instead declared that he could bring about a state of absolute equality through his own efforts. In the 20th century, Western man became cursed not only with blindness but with fruitlessness as well. The birth rates in Europe have fallen beneath replacement levels, and the swelling population of the third-world could very easily wipe out our race within a few generations. Unheeded visionaries once warned of the "rising tide of color"; today we are faced with a deadly flood of color, and we are viewed as madmen when we try to convince our fellow whites not to destroy our own levees.

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