The Tragedy Of Rotherham

6/29/15, by Clement Pulaski

The child prostitution ring run by Muslims in Rotherham, England is a tragedy. I say that it is a tragedy not only because it is sad and sickening to read about the hundreds of underage white girls who were repeatedly raped by Muslims, but because this moral disaster was long in the making, was a confluence of profound errors, and was warned against for years by those who foresaw the future fruits of "diversity". As we examine each of the errors that led to the evils of Rotherham, we will see that they are all foundational doctrines of the anti-white, anti-Christian strain of liberalism that dominates American and European culture.


The main culprit in the Rotherham tragedy is the demonization of nationalism. Nationalism is the simple belief that people of the same ethnicity should have their own homelands. All immigrant crime in Europe is preventable. It is possible for these crimes to take place only because nationalism has been demonized and deemed a grievous sin. To the proponents of "diversity", wanting England to be English is more evil than non-whites raping hundreds of white of children. This is the twisted morality that led to Rotherham. After the Rotherham tragedy was reported in the media, this same twisted morality led many to worry more about the damage that the story might do to "diversity" than about the victims themselves.


Anyone familiar with the history of Islam will not be surprised by the emergence of child prostitution rings in immigrant communities. For centuries Muslim men have systematically enslaved non-Muslim women for their harems. Europeans were a frequent target for their slave raids. There was no reason to think that Muslims coming to Europe would behave any different. But this honest analysis of history and cultural trends is forbidden in the contemporary West. The only acceptable narrative is the one that says that the evil white man attacked and enslaved the rest of humanity for no good reason. This narrative makes Muslim men, one of the most aggressive and abusive groups in the world, seem like poor victims who need to be pitied and welcomed into our countries.


Many of the girls targeted by these gangs came from broken families. Thanks to drug use, promiscuity, feminism and the breakdown of the Church, the Western family is in ruins. More and more white children are born out of wedlock into unstable situations where they do not receive adequate care and attention. Mass media and the public schools sexualize children at a young age, and they begin "dating" and "experimenting with sex" in their very early pre-teen years. All of this made the girls ready targets for abuse. Some of the victims were "seduced" by their captors into a life of sex slavery, being plied with alcohol, gifts, and cheap compliments. In a healthy society, it would never be considered acceptable for a teenage girl to go on a debauched date with an older, non-white man (or with anyone else). In some cases where the parents complained to the police about the situation, the police had the gall to claim that the sexual relationship between these girls and the Muslim men was "consensual" and therefore acceptable. Such an idea could never have entered anyone's mind in a traditional society.


The greatest cowards in the tragedy are the police and magistrates who knew that the mass rapes were occurring but did nothing. There are even reports that the parents of some of the girls were arrested for trying to rescue their daughters. There are also reports of a girl going to the police and asking for help while bleeding from her crotch, only to be turned away. The white men on the police force and the city government did nothing because they feared the charge of "racism". They would rather see their defenseless white sisters continue in their abasement than suggest that non-whites could commit such a crime. And England was once a land known for chivalry. It is easy to blame the white men who let this tragedy happen, and they certainly deserve to be punished. But at the same time we must keep in mind that white men have been intentionally programmed to act this way by the system. Masculinity is denigrated and demonized just as nationalism is. The tribal spirit that demands protection and justice for one's kin is completely gone.

Of all of the crimes against our people, the Rotherham scandal is the most heartbreaking for me. All of those white British girls raped hundreds, if not thousands, of times cry out to Heaven for justice. Healthy nationalism, honest historical inquiry, strong families, a strong Church, white men raised to defend the honor of their women; any one of these things could have prevented the Rotherham tragedy. Examining all of the aspects that allowed Rotherham to happen reveals how completed defeated our civilization is. Each one of those girls represents Europe. She is being raped, debased, ridiculed and scorned, and she is being used up before being thrown away by her attackers. A more straightforward genocide of bullets and mass graves would be more dignified and more merciful.

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