Sodomites to the Gallows: a Test of True Christianity

8/1/14, by Clement Pulaski

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
-Leviticus 20:13

For many years now, speaking the Gospel truth about the Jews has been very difficult for Christians. Merely publicly endorsing the Biblical teaching concerning the role of the Jews in the murder of the Messiah is enough to put one's livelihood in danger. In many countries, such statements could even land a Christian in jail.

We are now coming upon an age when endorsing the Biblical teaching concerning sodomy will bring similar condemnation from secular society. Many Christians-in-name-only will doubtless continue to cave to worldly pressure, and decide that executing homosexuals is "hateful" and "unchristian". But for the faithful, this growing promotion of sodomy in mainstream culture will provide us with an excellent opportunity to oppose the sinful world with God's revealed truth. The Church failed miserably in upholding the Biblical teaching on the Jews. Let us pray that we are given the strength to fare better on this issue.

Most of our leaders do not yet dare to assert that Christianity is evil, so instead of attacking the faith directly they will target "fundamentalists" who do not understand the true meaning of Christian love. This corruption of love must be countered by insisting loudly and unashamedly that sodomy is evil and deserves the death penalty, as was commanded under the Mosaic law. Once a conservative Christian has made this declaration, the liberal "Christians" will immediately exclaim that we are no longer bound to follow the details of Old Testament Law. Although a very good case can be made that we should follow Old Testament law, it is unnecessary to discuss this long and complicated issue when debating pro-sodomy "Christians".
All that we need to say to pro-sodomy "Christians" is this:

Even if we are no longer bound by Old Testament law, surely there is nothing inherently immoral in executing homosexuals, and at some point in the past it certainly was God's will that his people put homosexuals to death.

The liberal "Christian" has no way to respond to this challenge.

We can even go on to say that whenever a sodomite was put to death in ancient Israel, God's love and justice were manifested. For surely it was out of love that God revealed his law to his people, revealing to them a divine standard of justice which our fallen minds are unable to discern by their own power. Israel was blessed because of her just, God-given law, while her pagan neighbors were doomed to engage in sodomy and other immorality. The law that demands the death of sodomites is perfect and right, and causes the heart to rejoice. The judgment of God that condemns homosexuality is "sweeter than honey" (Psalm 19:10).

While the strategy promoted here should seem obvious, many conservative Christians have failed to employee it. They have opted instead for a softer approach out of a desire to appear more "loving". This softness merely serves to further confuse the situation. Never before in the history of the Church has the faith been assailed by so many false teachers. Clarity on key doctrinal issues is needed, not "dialogue" with the hell-bound agents of antichrist. We do not need reconciliation of friendship with the world. We need clear and absolute division from it.

Christians must affirm that God's law is pure and perfect, and that all that God commands is perfect. Those who refuse to affirm this do not belong to Christ. It is our duty to make this distinction between light and darkness as obvious as possible

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