Jewish Media To Southern Baptists: Embracing White Displacement Is Your Only Hope For The Future

6/5/15, by Clement Pulaski

                     Old Murfreesboro, TN, when the Church thrived.

The Jewish Left has a deep hatred for conservative Christianity. Therefore, whenever the Left advises Christians on how to grow their churches, this advice should be received with suspicion, especially when this advice consists in "embracing diversity".

The Washington Post, currently edited by Jew Martin Baron, recently published an article about a dwindling Southern Baptist congregation in Murfreesboro, TN that is being forced to sell its building to a group of Arab Baptists. Rather than being a sign of defeat, the Post spins this development as a great blessing for Southern Baptists, suggesting that the denomination would be thriving if only it could embrace "diversity" (white displacement) even more vigorously:

for the past decade, the denomination has been in what its leaders describe as a “discouraging” retreat. Although Southern Baptists remain by far the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, with an estimated 15 million members, a steady decline in overall numbers — of members, baptisms and churches — has led to much soul-searching and the realization that survival depends on becoming less insular and more diverse.

To that end, the Southern Baptists have apologized to African Americans for “racism of which we have been guilty,” expressed support for immigration reform, and in general sought to be less white, if not less conservative. A rising number of congregations are Latino, Asian and now Arab.

Speaking about the congregation featured in the article, the Post says, "The membership had aged and remained white as the area was booming and becoming more diverse."

This is the same message we hear whenever the Jewish Left gives "advice" to conservatives: the only way for you to stop losing is to embrace the changes we are bringing about. The Post makes it seem as if dwindling Baptist congregations and the influx of Arabs into Middle America are just inevitable, natural phenomena. This is completely false. The weakening of Christianity and the non-white invasion go hand in hand. The Church was strong in the South when whites were the dominant ethnic group. Once Southern whites lost control of their government, their schools and their media, the Church began to decline. Southern Baptists are not losing members because they are "too mean" towards illegal aliens demanding amnesty. They are losing members because their folk and their faith are under deliberate and systematic attack by the government, the public schools, the media, and all branches of organized Jewry. The people who built the South are being exterminated, and as they die, so will all traces of their distinctive culture.

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