The Spreading Stain Of Miscegenation

9/22/16, by Clement Pulaski


Irecently met a man who at first seemed quite likable. He was a white, clean-cut, middle-American who a strong dislike for Hillary Clinton. He was deployed twice to the Middle East. He had a nine-month old son and he and his wife had just bought a 20 acre plot in Kansas. While I did not assume that he was "one of us", it did strike me that he is exactly the type of person who could and should be won over to our side.

As the conversation continued he mentioned in passing that he had "brought his wife to America" a couple of years ago. I asked him where his wife was from, and my heart sank when he said that she was from the Congo. Suddenly the entire positive image that I had of this man was gone. I had pictured to myself the 20 acre plot in small-town Kansas with a growing white family; now I saw the savage blood of his mixed-race offspring and the blot that they would be upon the relatively pristine area where they lived.

This is the spreading stain of miscegenation. Now every event and institution that his family takes part in will be transformed. There are still many implicitly white spaces in small-town middle America. Many rodeos, 4-H meetings, churches and schools do not have a single non-white in attendance. But now in the community where this man lives these white spaces will be violated. The non-white As much as the white grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins of the half-breed children might consciously or unconsciously recognize the error of the mixed marriage, it is almost certain that in the name of niceness they will not say or do anything to distance themselves from them. The white family members will "cuck" and think of the half-breeds as their own flesh and blood. This one act of miscegenation could potentially turn dozens of white Americans off to the message of nationalism because they can no longer think of their own kin as being white.

The Jewish plan for white eradication is built on these acts of miscegenation. Even if 90+ % of whites marry within their own race, that small percentage of whites who do mix brings alien blood into all implicitly white spaces, especially the family. The family is the foundation of the nation. The longer race mixing is allowed to continue, the harder it will be to carry out the great separation of racially aware whites from all of our enemies. In order to succeed, the message of nationalism must be as a sword dividing children against parents and brothers against brothers.

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