The Sodomite Right Strikes Back

11/8/15, by Clement Pulaski

In today's white nationalist subculture there is an ongoing discussion on whether sodomy should be condemned or celebrated. This fact has always baffled me. It is hard to see how anyone claiming to be a traditionalist or a reactionary could embrace such an obviously deviant and perverted activity. Those on the "alt-right" like to talk big about being "radical traditionalists", when in reality they do not want to go any further back than 1986, the year when the United States Supreme Court ruled that state laws prohibiting sodomy were constitutional.

This divide in the nationalist community came to a head last week when outspoken Christian Matthew Heimbach was dis-invited from Richard Spencer's homosexual-friendly conference sponsored by the National Policy Institute. While I am not aware of the details of the conflict between Heimbach and Spencer, it appears that the attitude towards homosexuals advocated by Heimbach and his associates was deemed morally unacceptable by Spencer, specifically the idea of executing homosexuals.

The alt-right critics of traditional Christianity seem completely ignorant of the fact that all traditional cultures strictly regulated sexual behavior, even those nations that allowed some form of pederasty. In arguing against the position of Christian traditionalists, the alt-rightists make the same "wow, just wow" comments usually made by SJW's. In the eyes of the alt-right, merely pointing out that someone wants to criminalize homosexuality is proof that this individual is crazy/stupid/evil. The impression I get is that these alt-rightists are not traditionalists or rightists at all. They are liberals who realize that their comfortable consumerist way of life is threatened by changing demographics. They pretend that they are anti-materialist and anti-bourgeois, but then their articles and comments show that many of them are just as interested in popular films, music, drugs, promiscuity, and vain gym culture as your typical white millennial. They even share the same superficial attraction to muddled Eastern mysticism and occultism found amongst suburban yoga moms.

In reading the various blog postings and comments on this situation (see here,here, and here), I have been both encouraged and dismayed.

I am encouraged that the divide between Christian and antichrist white nationalists is growing. I have yet to see a convincing theological argument for why God would bless our endeavor to reshape the dominant ideology in the West when we seek fellowship with sodomites and their sympathizers.

At the same time I am dismayed by the fact that so few people on the far right (even many who profess to be Christians) affirm the obvious truth that homosexuals should be executed. It easy to argue that sodomites should be executed on both theonomic and traditionalist grounds. The Biblical teaching on homosexuality is clear:
If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
-Leviticus 20:13
As for the argument from tradition, while the Church has generally not taught that the Mosaic criminal laws must be followed under the New Covenant, punishment of homosexuality has been the norm in all Christian nations until the rise of liberalism in the 20th century. Sodomy was a capital crime under English common law, and it was also a capital crime in the state of Virginia during the period immediately following American independence. During the 19th century the states moved away from capital punishment, but sodomy was still illegal and was punished with imprisonment. It was in fact not until 2003 that the United States Supreme Court ruled that sodomy bans were unconstitutional.

Being a traditionalist Christian means working to revive the traditional moral and legal attitude towards sexual perversion. Thinking that homosexuality should be legal is completely at odds with Scripture and the entire Christian tradition. Furthermore, a Christian should never dismiss the Mosaic law as being barbaric or irrelevant. As I wrote in an earlier piece, "it was out of love that God revealed his law to his people, revealing to them a divine standard of justice which our fallen minds are unable to discern by their own power. Israel was blessed because of her just, God-given law, while her pagan neighbors were doomed to engage in sodomy and other immorality. The law that demands the death of sodomites is perfect and right, and causes the heart to rejoice. The judgment of God that condemns homosexuality is 'sweeter than honey' (Psalm 19:10)."

I am also dismayed that this divide between the Christian right and the sodomite right is apparently being driven by the pro-sodomy nihilists like Spencer. The Christians should be the one actively cutting ourselves off from Spencer and his followers, not the reverse. As I wrote in an earlier article on this same topic, "The Christians who associate with [the sodomite right], while not living in the city of Sodom themselves, look back at Sodom, hoping that something good will come out of it. I pray that these Christians change their ways, and begin imitating Lot instead of his foolish wife, and leave the Sodomites alone with the hellfire they have brought upon themselves."

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