Trump, Caesarism And The Church

1/10/16, by Clement Pulaski

                        One can dream...

The rise of Donald Trump has been the biggest story on the dissident right for the last six months. Trump's ability to break the rules of Jewish political correctness with impunity has delighted everyone to the right of the Republican “establishment” and its wealthy Wall Street donors. At the same time, many on the far right have raised concerns about Trump's true intent and opinions. Both the delight and the concern are justified. While Trump should be praised for his plans to secure the border and ban Muslim immigration, he still seems oddly close to the Jewish establishment at times. For example, he recently was given the opportunity to host SNL, a show which is produced by the liberal Jew Lorne Michaels. Far-left, anti-Christian Jewish comedian Larry David had a cameo on Trump's SNL broadcast, during which David jokingly called Trump a racist. If the Jewish establishment were really as terrified of Trump as they frequently claim to be, it seems unlikely that Trump would be treated in this manner.

I do not wish, however, to dwell upon theories about Trump's possible motivations. For the sake of this article, I will consider what the Christian perspective on the Trump phenomenon should be, even in the best case scenario. I take the best case scenario to be that Trump actually understands the race issue and that he wishes to seize control of the country in order to re-assert white dominance in America. While this development would be a great blessing and a partial return to the way God intends for us to live, it seems very unlikely this would “make America great again” in a meaningful way. Great nations cannot simply be created out of poor material. They come about from a confluence of cultural, racial, and historical factors. America's greatness came from the piety, morality, and self-sacrifice of the people who founded and built the nation; as long as these elements are lacking, greatness will elude us.

While most of the complaints about Trump from the cuck-right have been laughable and pathetic, at least some of their critiques ring true.

They are correct in saying that Trump's bombast and lack of gentlemanly virtue would have disqualified him from serious consideration in the age of America's founding fathers. It is indeed difficult to imagine the incredibly conservative society of late 18th century America appreciating a twice-divorced man whose business ventures have included gambling dens and smutty beauty pageants. But the cucks have no one to blame but themselves when it comes to America's apparent lack of concern about Trump's seedy persona. The cucks have spent the last 70 years doing absolutely nothing to stop the Jewish assault on Christianity, public morality and classical learning; rather the only time the cucks ever seem to have any fire in them at all is when they are tearing down and maligning the few patriotic Americans who have tried to fight Jewish power. The cucks caved on Jewish control of Hollywood, they caved on racial integration, they caved on the Jewish communist takeover of the universities, they caved on feminism and the sexual revolution; and now they are angry that Trump, who has been able to thrive in such a debased environment, is taken seriously in politics.

Another cuckservative complaint about Trump is that he frequently shows a disregard for constitutional government, evidenced by some of his wilder claims about what he will do if elected president (for example, his claim that he will mandate the death penalty for cop killers, something not remotely within the authority of the executive branch). It is possible that Trump's claims along these lines are mere hyperbole, but there is a very real concern about the damage that could be done to constitutional government during a Trump presidency. But this is only because such authoritarian measures would be necessary in order to reverse the current decay in America. Trump's wealth allows him to run for office without any outside financial support, but I doubt that his wealth is sufficient to fund enough congressional candidates to take over the legislative branch of the government. Thus as president Trump would be blocked by a hostile congress at every turn. It is even conceivable that a congress attempting to impeach President Trump would need to be suspended or dissolved. As a proponent of rational, constitutional government, I would certainly be saddened that such drastic measures would be needed, but it is sometimes the only way forward when a society has become so corrupt and degenerate.

The preceding points suggest that a Trump victory would represent the emergence of a sort of American Caesarism. The parallels between contemporary America and late republican Rome are indeed obvious: prosperity has led to weakness and moral laxity; our stoic forebears would be ashamed at the state of their spoiled descendants; we have become an uneducated mob addicted to spectacle; reviving the old forms of government in the current degenerate culture would be unfeasible; and the only thing that could overturn the current corrupt system is apparently a boastful oligarch who desires to elevate himself above his fellow oligarchs.

Given all of this, it becomes apparent that a Trump victory would be at best only a small step towards restoring white Christian civilization to its former state. The mission of the Church would be essentially the same during a Trump administration as it is under the current system: to reassert the primacy of God's Word in all areas of life and culture. Having Trump in the white house could certainly aid this mission (for instance, the persecution of the Church by the radical sodomite lobby and others would likely lose some steam), but there is nothing I have seen to suggest that Trump or his followers understand the fundamental dangers posed to America by modernist ideologies. Unlike the Puritan revolution, the American revolution, or the fascist movements of the 1930s, the Trump phenomenon does not yet seem to have any spiritual dimension. America's greatness has not been destroyed by “stupid” or “loser” politicians. It has been destroyed by an evil world view, one which can only be defeated by an alternative world view. If Trump is victorious, the slide into further Caesarism and degeneracy could only be countered by a spiritual revival. We also must not forget that Caesarism, for all of its immediate benefits, tends to lead to further state meddling in Church affairs. As Christians we must not let a nationalist Trump administration cause us to lower our guard or think that our witness is not as urgently needed.

But for all of his shortcomings, I still hope that in 2017 I am enlisting in Trump's deportation force.

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