Trump's America Vs. The World

3/13/16, by Clement Pulaski


Back in 2014 I wrote an article for the Daily Stormer called The American Race and the Fate of the World. The article argued that the real American people (i.e, patriotic white Americans) are still the most powerful ethnic group in the world, if only we would assert ourselves, and that the fate of the world ultimately rests on whether or not Americans wake up and resist the Jewish New World Order.

As is typical of the Europe-obsessed white nationalist movement, there was some criticism of the high regard I showed for the American people, but I still believe that my original analysis is correct, and that the main argument of my article is even more relevant today in light of Donald Trump's presidential campaign and its global ramifications.

Donald Trump is the American people's most popular candidate in this election cycle, and he threatens to undermine the current globalist worldview and replace it with an America-first ideology. The global elite is panicked. The Chinese communists, Mexican presidents, the establishment in both major political parties, and the “billionaire class” in America are terrified that Trump might actually become president and undo everything that they have worked for. Keeping Americans pacified and in their place is essential in order for the New World Order to consolidate its power. The system could keep going if nationalist revivals occurred in other countries, but if the United States goes nationalist it will be game over for the globalists.

Their terror, and the futility of their efforts to stop Trump so far, show just how fragile their control really is. And while Trump certainly deserves a large amount of the credit, we must keep in mind what is fueling Trump's popularity: it is the “rednecks”, the white blue-collar rubes that the Jews and the their cosmopolitan white allies despise. For the first time in decades, the hated American white man is standing up for his interests, and the only counter-attack that the global elite can come up with is to call us “fascists” over and over again. The elites stand to lose everything, and name calling is the only strategy they can come up. As I wrote back in 2014,

Under Jewish control, the American race is like a chained animal, forced to perform for its master. We, who are the most powerful nation on earth, are made to live like helpless slaves. We are disgusted by every effort of the left and the colored masses to destroy traditional Americanism, but at every step of the way we are laughed at and insulted because of our beliefs. In the country that we built, the Jews and other non-whites live more comfortably than they ever have elsewhere, and in return they mock us and demand the destruction of our way of life.
Our assent to Jewish power is the only reason why degenerate, leftist ideas have any success anywhere in the world. We have the power to control the course of global events, but instead we allow ourselves to be trampled underfoot in our own homes and communities.
We, the American race, the sleeping giant of the world, must awaken and drive out the anti-American forces of Jewry. If we do not do so, we will lose everything. The fate not just of our country, but of the entire world rests on this one question: can Americans throw off the Jewish yoke and once again fight for White Christian civilization.

Trump is admittedly a flawed vehicle for American traditionalism, but for the first time in my life there is actually hope that the sleeping giant is stirring.

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