The Unholy Alliance Against The Nation-State

12/13/16, by Clement Pulaski

"We ought to obey God rather than men."
-Acts 5:29

From the beginning Christians have understood that the faithful must disobey the state when the laws of the state are in violation of God's commandment. We are to worship God and to witness to his truth even when a government has forbidden such activity.

This noble fidelity to God rather than to man has been one of the driving forces in building the Church, but in today's evil age apostate churches have perverted this principle and use their false understanding of it to justify an unholy resistance to just law and order.

The Associated Press reports on congregations who are openly declaring that they will illegally oppose Trump's efforts to deport the millions of foreign invaders currently residing in America:

"Hundreds of houses of worship are offering sanctuary to people who could face deportation if President-elect Donald Trump follows through on his campaign pledge to remove millions of immigrants living in the country illegally...

A spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the agency follows a 2011 policy to generally avoid entering "sensitive locations" such as schools, places of worship and hospitals to take custody of immigrants in the country illegally. The policy says enforcement actions can be conducted in those locations in cases of terrorism or when there are "exigent circumstances."

About 450 houses of worship of various denominations nationwide have offered to provide some form of sanctuary, including living space, financial assistance or rides for schoolchildren, said Alison Harrington, pastor of Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona...

Some churches have already made good on their promises.

In Philadelphia, a 40-year-old man from Mexico has been living in the Arch Street United Methodist Church for three weeks.

Javier Flores entered the U.S. illegally in 1997 and has been deported and re-entered several times since then. After being held in an ICE detention center for over a year, the agency released him for 90 days so he could prepare for deportation. He did not want to be separated from his wife and three children, so he sought refuge, said the Rev. Robin Hynicka, senior pastor."

These churches are clearly intent on violating US law. The question then becomes, is US immigration law just?

The overwhelming number of Jews and liberals are opposed to immigration enforcement because they view any restriction on immigration to be immoral. Although they do not often take this position to its logical conclusions, it is clear that what they really believe is that there should be no national borders at all. Of course if a nationalist points out that what the Jewish left wants is a borderless one-world government, the nationalist is then shouted down as a "conspiracy theorist". But there can be no other explanation for why enforcing immigration law is immoral in itself.

While Jewish media outlets focus on sentimental stories of the poor Mexicans who just want a better life (conveniently ignoring the rapists, murderers, drug dealers and human traffickers who pass through our porous border) they are obscuring what is really at stake: the future of the nation-state. It is impossible to be opposed to the enforcement of immigration law and work for the preservation of the nation-state. Because God tells us that he has established boundaries between different nations (Acts 17:26) and because the nation-state was clearly the political model for God's people throughout history, there is no Christian argument in favor of the inherent illegitimacy of the nation-state. Further, the nation-state that God established for his people was based on common language, culture and ethnicity. If we wish to order our political system in a godly manner, firm dividing lines based on language, culture and ethnicity are required.

By embracing this anti-border ideology the corrupt churches are furthering the goals of globalism and are essentially Marxist in their orientation. 19th century Marxism taught that conflict and suffering are the result of inequality in wealth. To solve the problem of inequality they proposed the abolition of private property. Once all wealth was equally distributed we would have paradise on earth. In a similar manner, today's Jewish peddlers of utopia claim that suffering is caused not just by inequality of wealth, but by racial and national inequality. Once the races are all blended together and national borders are abolished, we will all live in peace. Gullible Christians who have mixed the pure faith with secular humanism are taken in by these promises of worldly perfection. The Bible establishes private property, the patriarchal family, kin-based societies and distinct nation-states. Following this model has led the Christian West to unparalleled heights of civilization. The Jewish Marxist model of collectivism has brought about unparalleled death and suffering. The Jews are now attempting to recreate the horrors of Bolshevism on a global scale. And so-called Christians are acting as their foot soldiers. We certainly are called to disobey men when they violate the commandments of God. But in this case, the men whom we ought to disobey are the Jewish globalists.

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