Untethered Constitutionalism

1/23/16, by Clement Pulaski

                  What makes up America?

As part of the panicked effort to smear Donald Trump, National Review editor Rich Lowry published a piece in Politico in which he draws a distinction between constitutionalism and populism. While acknowledging that the two can be compatible, he expresses concern about populism that is not “tethered” to constitutionalism:

Conservatism has always had a populist element, encapsulated by the oft-quoted William F. Buckley Jr. line that he would rather be governed by the first 2,000 names in the Boston phone book than by the Harvard faculty. But the populism was tethered to, and in the service of, an ideology of limited-government constitutionalism.

As a constitutionalist myself, I agree that in order to have a virtuous, prosperous country it is necessary for constitutionalism and populism (or more accurately nationalism) to be tethered together. However, Lowry seems to have his priorities backwards: nationalism should not be subordinated to constitutionalism, but rather constitutionalism should be subordinated to nationalism. When it happens that a government or written constitution no longer serves the interests of the nation that established it, it is time for the government to be radically reformed. Cuckservatives and kikeservatives, on the other hand, claim that the written political document must be defended at all costs, even if it means that the nation that framed the document is to be wiped out by the soft genocide of mass immigration and race-mixing.

Not only must constitutionalism be subordinated to nationalism, but constitutionalism is in fact impossible without nationalism. For the very word “constitution” should not be understood in the narrow sense given to it by the cucks. The “constitution” of a nation is not just a document. The “constitution” of a nation is that which constitutes it; in other words, that which makes up the nation. Thus every nation has a racial constitution and a religious constitution, in addition to its legal constitution. Even the legal constitution of a nation is more than just a document, for it also includes a nation's political traditions and practices. The overall constitution of a nation is made up of its legal, religious, cultural, linguistic and racial aspects. Written constitutions are shaped by all of these influences and are therefore inseparable from the racial characteristics of the men who wrote them. There is therefore no such thing as a “color-blind” constitutionalism. Many cucks are quick to say that they do not care if America becomes a brown country, so long as the constitution is respected. But the constitution cannot survive this racial transformation. The third world hordes are predisposed by their low IQ and other genetic traits to vote themselves more welfare and government benefits. Self-reliance and limited government are not part of their racial makeup. The browning of America will inevitably result in the permanent destruction of American constitutionalism.

Thus while Trump might not be a constitutional scholar, he is the only candidate whose victory could conceivably result in the return of white dominance to our country. This white dominance is absolutely essential to restoring the original constitution of America.

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