The Walter Scott Case: Zero Vindication Of Ferguson

4/11/15, by Clement Pulaski


With the recent killing of Walter Scott by police officer Michael Slager, many on the Left are suggesting that their suspicions regarding Ferguson have been vindicated. This is utter nonsense and shows a total ignorance of how justice system is supposed to work.

In the case of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the Left and their black mobs screamed for a murder conviction. But there was no evidence for such a conviction. In our justice system, in order to get a murder conviction, there must be enough evidence to prove the guilt of the accused beyond a reasonable doubt. Even Eric Holder's Justice Department, which was furiously trying to convict Wilson, admitted that there was no such evidence. To any rational person, this should have been the end of the matter: no evidence, no conviction. The hurt feelings of the community do not count as evidence, nor do "racist" emails sent by members of the Ferguson police department who were not actually involved with the case.

With the Walter Scott case, we are dealing with a completely new and unrelated event. The evidence in the case will determine the guilt or innocence of the officer involved. To demonstrate just how irrational the Left is on this issue, imagine the following scenario: a black teen is suspected of murder, but there is insufficient evidence for an indictment, so he is never charged. Then, a year later, a different black teen in a different city is caught on video committing a murder. Could you imagine the media suggesting that the obvious guilt of the second black teen somehow proves the guilt of the first?

In all of these cases, the Left has completely ignored the evidence. There has been a rush to judgment before the facts have been known. The only "evidence" that they need is the identity of those involved. If a Negro dies at the hands of a white police officer, there is no need for further evidence before the street protests and riots begin. By contrast, the Right has demonstrated a rational respect for the evidence. Even amongst white nationalists, some are saying that the video in the Walter Scott case likely indicates that the officer is guilty. Has there ever been a black panther or a nation of Islam member who admitted that the evidence in one of these cases actually points towards the innocence of the police officer? (Keep in mind that some black nationalists have demanded that all black prison inmates should be released, regardless of the evidence of their guilt).

The justice system developed in England and the United States is one of our greatest treasures. Clear, objective evidence related to each individual case is the only standard by which guilt can be measured. This system protects us from the anger and prejudices of the mob. But under the coming reign of irrationality being ushered in by deranged leftists and the non-white hordes, our justice system will soon be undermined, along with every other aspect of our civilization.

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