We Have Already Won

11/26/14, by Clement Pulaski

In recent weeks, I have come across multiple posts from nationalist sites expressing a despair and sadness at our present situation. Indeed, we are living in very dark days, and there has not been any real-world progress in American white nationalism ever. We have no elected officials, we have no media presence, we have no grass roots organization. Of course we do have reason on our side, but if reason won every battle, then Socrates would never have been executed. It is therefore perfectly natural for unbelieving nationalists to feel this despair. However, this despair is completely inappropriate for Christian nationalists, because one of the fundamental principles of the Christian faith is that WE HAVE ALREADY WON.

Christianity is not based on the idea that Jesus is probably the conqueror of death, or that faith in Him will probably lead to everlasting victory. Christianity is based on the belief that Jesus already has conquered death, and that faith in Him will undoubtedly lead to everlasting victory. The fact that we have already won is at the heart of Christian life, worship and rejoicing.

We indeed feel regret and contrition when we fall into sin, but this regret is over the fact that our corrupt nature caused us to lose sight of God's victory. Likewise, we indeed feel sadness over the lost souls who refuse to hear the Gospel, but this sadness is not over the fact that the forces of good have been defeated. The great bulk of our white brothers and sisters continue in their apostasy from the one true faith, and they suffer the consequences. This is tragic, but it is also just. In all cases, the victory of good over evil is final and absolute. Evil may still exist in the world, but it cannot overcome God or those who believe in him.

Unwavering faith in this victory has been the strength of martyrs throughout the history of the Church. Many Christians have suffered torture and still did not repent, because they knew that repentance would cost them their share in the victory that was already won. Not only has Jesus successfully withstood every Satanic weapon, but he has offered his own strength to us during our trials. The very same strength that achieved victory over the devil is ours if we have faith.

The different attitudes that Christian and unbelieving nationalists have reveals a great divide within nationalism. Unbelieving nationalists trust in their own strength, which causes them to despair. Christian nationalists trust in God's strength, which causes us to rejoice, even when our enemies have been given temporal power for the purpose of punishing unbelievers or trying God's faithful in the refining fire.

Christian nationalists certainly should join in the fight for white survival, but we should always first and foremost be fighting for the kingdom of God. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you"(Matthew 6:33).

The Christian's duty to trust absolutely in God's strength was wonderfully described by the great Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon, with whose words I close this post:

"The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks."
-Proverbs 30:26

Conscious of their own natural defencelessness, the conies resort to burrows in the rocks, and are secure from their enemies. My heart, be willing to gather a lesson from these feeble folk. Thou art as weak and as exposed to peril as the timid cony; be as wise to seek a shelter. My best security is within the munitions of an immutable Jehovah, where his unalterable promises stand like giant walls of rock. It will be well with thee, my heart, if thou canst always hide thyself in the bulwarks of his glorious attributes, all of which are guarantees of safety for those who put their trust in him. Blessed be the name of the Lord, I have so done, and have found myself like David in Adullam, safe from the cruelty of my enemy; I have not now to find out the blessedness of the man who puts his trust in the Lord, for long ago, when Satan and my sins pursued me, I fled to the cleft of the rock Christ Jesus, and in his riven side I found a delightful resting-place. My heart, run to him anew tonight, whatever thy present grief may be; Jesus feels for thee; Jesus consoles thee; Jesus will help thee. No monarch in his impregnable fortress is more secure than the cony in his rocky burrow. The master of ten thousand chariots is not one whit better protected than the little dweller in the mountain’s cleft. In Jesus the weak are strong, and the defenceless safe; they could not be more strong if they were giants, or more safe if they were in heaven. Faith gives to men on earth the protection of the God of heaven. More they cannot need, and need not wish. The conies cannot build a castle, but they avail themselves of what is there already: I cannot make myself a refuge, but Jesus has provided it, his Father has given it, his Spirit has revealed it, and lo, again tonight I enter it, and am safe from every foe.

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