John Wesley: The Jews Are Branded Like Cain

12/8/13, by Clement Pulaski


An interesting excerpt from A Concise History of American Antisemitism by Robert Michael:

An early visitor to Georgia was John Wesley, later founder of Methodism, who wrote of the Jews,

       Outcasts from thee, and scattered wide
    Blaspheming whom they crucified,
       Unsaved, unpitied, unforgiven,
    Branded like Cain, they bear their load,
       Abhorred of men, and cursed of God.

Wesley's language grew more violent when he declaimed on the Jewish adherence to the Torah: "What stupidity, what senselessness must it be for such an unclean, guilty, helpless worm as this [the Jew], to dream of seeking acceptance by his own righteousness, of living by 'the righteousness of the law!'

It should be noted that Wesley is widely celebrated as one of the greatest Christian preachers, and as an advocate for brotherly love amongst all. The chief aim of Wesley's life was the spreading of the Gospel, and his comments about the Jews are perfectly consistent with this aim. Biblically-based anti-Semitism is philanthropic, because the Jews rejected Christ and have always mocked and denigrated the message of Jesus. Wesley's comments reflect the same attitude towards the Jews that Christians have held since the days of the apostles: the Jews are muderous antichrists who think that their hypocritical Pharisaism can win them favor with God.

If we wish to preach the whole Gospel, we must include the Gospel condemnation of the Jews.

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