Why Did God Choose the Jews?

6/18/14, by Clement Pulaski

Atheist and pagan white nationalists frequently ask us Christians, “Why did God choose the Jews to be his special people?” Even after explaining to them how the Jews have obviously become mongrelized over time, how modern Judaism is the religion of the Talmud, not of the Old Testament, and how the ancient Church viewed the Jews an enemies, the fact that the Jews were at one time God’s Covenant people still presents a great stumbling block for nationalists.

They will still wonder, how is it that those who were once God’s people have fallen so low? How could those who were once the most blessed people have become the most cursed?


When God chose the seed of Abraham to be his Covenant people, it was not because of any merit shown by Abraham, nor because of any foreseen merit of his children. It was by God’s grace that any Covenant was made with man at all. Abraham was without any personal righteousness in the sight of God, and it was only through his faith in God’s goodness and graciousness that Abraham received any favor. At the Fall, man became corrupt and completely undeserving of communion with the Creator, whose love and laws man despised. A life apart from God is what we all deserve, regardless of how accomplished or virtuous we think ourselves to be. Had God chosen a mighty empire to be his people instead of Abraham’s seed, the fact of man’s utter unworthiness would have been obscured.

Every accomplishment and conquest by the ancient Israelites was accomplished by God on their behalf. Their own strength contributed nothing. The Israelites were blessed because of their faith in the Lord, not because of any personal merit or ability. When they rejected their faith by refusing to believe God’s son, they lost all their blessedness and were left with nothing. Indeed, they had less than nothing. For unlike the pagan who had never read the Scriptures, the Jew did read the Scriptures, and rejected their truth, substituting in place of the truth a lie of his own invention. The Jew’s hardness and obstinacy against the truth is unparalleled amongst men.


It is also worth considering why the angels in heaven, so great in power and beauty, became the devils of hell. God gave them every blessing, but the rebellious angels spit in His face. They rejected God, preferring to rule in their own vain kingdom of darkness. God created the angels as messengers of light, but through their own faithlessness they have become morally ugly and despised. Such is the unworthiness of sinful creatures, both angels and men, that they tear up and bring to nothing the gifts that God bestowed upon them. The Jews and the devils of hell were both given every advantage, and yet still turned to wickedness.


But lest we grow puffed up with pride at being gentiles who are not guilty of the crimes of the Jews, we must recognize the painful truth that our situation is perilously near that of the Jew. As White Europeans, God gave us the greatest natural advantages. Unparalleled physical beauty, creativity, and intellect are our inborn traits. In addition to giving us these natural gifts, God graciously adopted us as his Covenant people. Our European nations were long synonymous with “Christendom”, and we were known primarily as Christians as we spread out around the globe. While small Christian minorities did exist in African and Asia, the heart of the Church was in Europe.

God has been most unstinting in the natural and spiritual gifts which our people have enjoyed. And how have we re-payed him? When it comes to the great bulk of our people, we have re-payed Him no better than have the Jews. In exchange for the high moral precepts and great earthly prosperity given us by God, we have blasphemed the Lord by turning to vain atheistic philosophy and capitalistic greed. We murder our beautiful unborn White children and zealously celebrate every imaginable sexual perversion. Having turned from God, we can only expect that the gifts given to our ancestors by Him will gradually be taken from us until nothing good remains.

Unless we repent, we will become just as vile as the Jews are today.

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