Witnessing To Sodomites With Love

3/25/15, by Clement Pulaski


IIf we were to come across a burning building, and perceived inside it a man who would certainly die if he did not escape, we would at once rush to his aid. If, upon speaking to the man, we learned that he refused to leave the building, convinced that the fire would not harm him, we would loudly and insistently plead with him. We would beg him to stand up and walk out of the fire. In our conversation with him, we would not for an instant accept as legitimate any of his premises or arguments for the harmlessness of fire. No single aspect of his choice to remain in the fire would deserve any respect. We would deplore and deny his wish to bring children into the burning building. With every word said to him, we would communicate the clear message that if he did not leave the burning building, he would surely perish. If, despite our pleadings, he refused to budge, we would mourn, not smile.

The preceding illustration shows how Christians are to witness to sodomites with love.

Engaging in sodomy will result in damnation (1 Corinthians 6:9). We do not witness to sinners in order to be nice or to make them feel good about themselves. We witness to them in order to save them from the eternal fire. Convincing them of their sin and the need to repent is our sole aim. Anything that distracts us from this aim is not of God.

Liberal pseudo-Christians complain that we fundamentalists are cruel and fail to act in a Christ-like manner when speaking to homosexuals. But the pseudo-Chistians have forgotten the Christ of Scripture. The Christ of Scripture directly and without apology warns impenitent sinners if their fate. When speaking to those who lead men into hell, he unambiguously condemns them for what they are doing (Matthew 23:13). The failure of the pseudo-Christians to understand this is likely due to the fact that they do not actually believe that sodomy will be punished, and therefore they do not in any way represent Christianity. Their hearts are hardened and are no longer sensitive to the pain, ugliness, and destructiveness of sin.

The Church will continue to compromise and decay until we again witness with true love--with a love that cares for our fellow man's eternal fate, not his mistaken feelings.

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